No, President Trump is Not Above the Law

Oh. Boy.

The way these conversations progress is always so convoluted, isn’t it?

First the media wondered what Trump would do, if indicted by Mueller (which he won’t be). Then they wondered if he thought he could pardon himself (a debatable issue). Now, they’re wondering aloud if he thinks he’s above the law?

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All of this hand wringing and supposition making, and the President hasn’t even been threatened with any indictment. Imagine, months of stories that if Mueller ends up failing to indict the President… would have all been completely worthless! Hours and hours of “news” coverage, for NOTHING.

Here’s an example from CNN’s Anderson Cooper, as he asks… “Does the President think he is above the law!”

No, Anderson. I don’t think he does.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders also wants everyone to know that the President is NOT above the law. In fact, she said it three different times in one press briefing.

Peter Alexander: Sarah, let me ask you, if I can: Does the President believe that he is above the law?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Certainly not. The President hasn’t done anything wrong.

Peter Alexander: The question isn’t if he’s done anything wrong. I guess, the question is, does the President believe the Framers envisioned a system where the President can pardon himself, where the President could be above the law?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Certainly, the Constitution very clearly lays out the law. And, once again, the President hasn’t done anything wrong, and we feel very comfortable in that front.

Peter Alexander: But you, just a moment ago, said it’s not that clear. So I guess, simply put, does the President believe he is above the law?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Certainly no one is above the law.

You can see the whole press briefing below:

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