Liberals ReTweet Article in Attack on Trump, Not Realizing Story was about Obama!

I have to be candid with you, folks; at times, it can be extremely difficult and disparaging to be caught in the liberal media’s stranglehold over the national narrative.

I know that we’ve mentioned the issue at length, and on a number occasions before, but there really is no doubt whatsoever that organizations such as work harder than anyone else to bring you the truth, simply because we are working against the mainstream’s media monopoly.

And it isn’t just CNN and the New York Times who are working against us.  If I were to explain to you how many man-hours go into working around Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s rampant and undeniable censorship of American patriots, you probably wouldn’t even believe me.  To be honest, I, along with my colleagues, are always extremely impressed with the amount of work and dedication our back-end folks do to keep us delivering to your newsfeed and email.  There’s just no telling how long we’ll be able to keep up with their social media suffocation.

Yet, without so much as a raised finger or quizzical look, the left is allowed to disseminate wholly false information, misattributed quotes, and out-of-context photographs as truth, simply in order to disparage our President.  This all occurs without Twitter blocks, Facebook ad restrictions, or a Snopes entry usurping all other relevant search results on Google.

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Take the story of a now infamous photograph being shared all over the internet

Shaun King, Linda Sarsour and other liberals thought they were criticizing the Trump administration on Sunday when they tweeted a picture of immigrant minors sleeping in a caged enclosure, but it turned out they were inadvertently tweeting a photo that occurred during the Obama administration instead.

In an apparent attempt to criticize the Trump administration’s treatment of unaccompanied children at the U.S. border with Mexico, former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau tweeted a link to an article entitled “First glimpse of immigrant children at holding facility.” (RELATED: Report: More Illegal Immigrants Are Crossing Border With Fake Relatives To Avoid Detention)

“This is happening right now, and the only debate that matters is how we force our government to get these kids back to their families as fast as humanly possible,” Favreau wrote in a now-deleted tweet, which included a disturbing image of two immigrant minors sleeping in a caged enclosure.

But the Arizona Central article was from 2014 — during Obama’s presidency.

The photograph is certainly disturbing.

But, as Twitter began to point out, this is all Obama.  This was before a Trump presidency was even a thought.

Yet, here I am, being called “fake news” every single day.

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