Hillary Clinton Turns to Jesus to Promote the Welfare State

Liberals love the Bible when they can turn it into Silly Putty.

They can find support for every leftist doctrine as long as they skip words, read verses out of context, and read their own views into specific texts. Even the Devil quoted the Bible (Matt. 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-13), so we shouldn’t be surprised if we encounter politicians peddling the Devil’s wares also doing it.

Speaking before the United Methodist Women’s Assembly, Hillary Clinton naturally appealed to the Bible in support of her expansive view of the State.

FakeWhen you imply this sort of logic when speaking to 7000 church goers, you know it’s going to have an impact.

And because there is general ignorance about the Bible, millions of church goers will fall for Hillary’s claims about Jesus and the poor and vote for her because (1) she loves Jesus and (2) she’s compassionate.

Of course, while she’s staking her claims on contextually suspect passages, no one seems to care how theologically schizophrenic she us. The same United Methodists that embrace Hillary’s appeal to the Bible on Jesus’ feeding the 5000 don’t find a contradiction in her support of abortion and same-sex marriage because they are equally theologically schizophrenic.

“Clinton said she struggled as a young woman between her father’s insistence on self-reliance and her mother’s concern for compassion. She reconciled those in the Biblical story of Jesus instructing his disciples to feed 5,000 people with just five loaves of bread and two fish.

“‘The disciples come to Jesus and suggest they send away the people to find food to fend for themselves. But Jesus said, “No. You feed them,”’” Clinton said. ‘He was teaching a lesson about the responsibility we all share.’”

This story, found in the 14th chapter of Matthew’s gospel, is hardly a recipe for economic equality. It was one meal, and it was a miracle.

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