Illegal Immigration and the Collapse of our Laws

Just how can a nation endure both external and internal dysfunctions to what should be an integral and fundamental function of its societal order?  Realizing that  both breakdowns were officially condoned under one Presidential administration is cause for both alarm and down right suspicion.

America’s external plight centered around an official blind eye to a continuous onslaught of illegal immigration through our southern border areas.  And internally, it was assumed that to lessen “heavy-handed” punishments for student misbehavior, based upon a racial percentage of those being punished, that this would somehow lessen disobedience.

Back to the border, a sense of apathy for those “wanting a better life,” has taken hold to the point of our own endangerment.  Consider that our basic principles and even common sense have been tossed aside for humanitarian concerns of the less fortunate.  This has reached such a fevered pitch that a sense of guilt for just being born in America has become a favored theme.

Through this conditioning, which largely had gone unnoticed, our apathetic nature has been tingled through a crafty word game.

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Roughly a couple of administration ago, the term was generally an “illegal alien.”  It then was modified into the act of “illegal immigration,” of which introduced the legal and benign aspect of a normal relocating which “immigration” infers; so it was pivotal to what followed, which was the advent of the “undocumented immigrant.”  Today, accounts simply refer to the “immigrant” or to “immigration.”  This evolving terminology points to an agenda which dismisses any regard for our Country’s well being nor its rule of law.

Most recently, the above recap of this grandiose word play should have insulted all as our major media outlets bastardized the word “immigrant” to include the gang members of MS-13.  Seems as though our President referred to this particular grouping as “animals,” which rated cause for another media eruption against Trump’s so-called brutish style.

Here in America’s classroom, an unbalance with “heavy-handed punishments” needed addressing since the numbers were racially one sided. Simply put, a Presidential endorsement of this insipid proposal simply erases the major deterrent factor.  This is such an unacceptable approach that it sets imaginations twirling.

Society is governed by the does and don’t of laws.  Break the law and there will be an appropriate punishment.  Therefore, Americans remain law abiding.  Just imagine society without the deterrence of an enforceable law. Now transfer this to the classroom.  How is it that a former President supposes that behavior will improve without the influence of correction.

This leniency goes to the very heart of our societal order.  Variations to this non-sensical format have featured reports of child abuse when parents correct bad behavior in public venues.  The theory is that a child will somehow self improve by a more compliant and understanding authority rather than one that instills and expects proper behavior.  This is exactly what has been introduced into our nation’s classrooms.

So folks, at the border of our lands, we watch as the world’s “unfortunates” roam into our countryside unhindered and without any fear of punishment.  What are the odds that good behavior follows?  And what are the chances that given this multi administration green light, which has come to include multitudes of sanctuary locations, our good natured welcoming will produce a benefit instead of a probable threat?

The lawlessness at both our borders and in our classrooms cannot continue.  What needs addressing is that manners, respect and proper behavior are the gifts from responsible parenting and that by the time the child reaches school age, the ageless truism, “as the twig is bent, so grows the mighty oak” prevails.

So, classrooms will not become orderly from the lessening of school punishments but only by the before hand authority found within the family structure.  So it is with our lawless border entries.  America cannot permit this illegal flow of millions and expect that everything will work out.  This expectation is not only impossible, it’s unnatural.

Luckily, this President understands that in order to preserve safety and societal order, our already “on the books” immigration laws require enforcement.  Without such, only a jungle, with its own laws, will rule.

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Jim Bowman

Retired, grandfather, 71 years old, Vietnam vet, author of This Roar of Ours, over 25 year of published op/eds.

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