Male College Student Reports Woman for Sexual Assault

The school agreed she committed sexual assault by getting in bed with the male college student when he was too drunk to consent.

So a male college student was “raped” by a female student according to the University of Cincinnati. Of course, the police were never called and no one was prosecuted. Still, she is banned from being a student until the male college student graduates or drops out of school.

It is amazing that colleges claim to take sexual assault seriously when they don’t even want law enforcement or the courts involved.

The reason she was punished by the school is she got involved in sexual activity with someone who was “too drunk” to consent. Her defense is that she was also drunk and that punishing her violates — you know what’s coming! — the equal protection mandated in the Fourteenth Amendment.

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But this was what women demanded and equal protection means that males can use it too:

The Federalist reports, “Male Accuser Finally Turns The Tables Against A Female In Campus Kangaroo Courts.”

It’s finally happened. A male student has accused a female student of sexual assault, claiming he was too drunk to consent to sexual activity. The school, shockingly, found the woman responsible and suspended her until the male student graduates. Now she, like so many wrongly accused male students, is suing her university for violating her due process rights. The case is an unfortunate necessity to show how absurd the current campus environment surrounding sexual assault has become.

The female student, referred to in court documents as Jane Roe, is suing the University of Cincinnati. As an added twist, Jane’s lawyer is arguing the school also violated the Equal Protection guarantees of the Fourteenth Amendment, because the university could just as easily have made a case against the male student who accused her, referred to as John Doe in court documents.

Jane, a nursing student and member of the ROTC program, says she went home with John after a night of drinking. John had told Jane that he was drunk and wanted to go home, so she went with him to make sure he drank some water, as she did not feel comfortable leaving him alone. She then fell asleep on his bed. When one of John’s roommates entered the room and asked her to leave, she said she couldn’t because she was dizzy.


That was Sept. 30, 2017. On Oct. 2, 2017, John filed a complaint against Jane with UC, claiming he was too drunk to consent to sexual activity with her.


Jane believes that John only accused her of sexual assault because she had previously made an accusation against one of his friends.

Robby Soave of Reason has another theory: “Doe woke up, realized they had engaged in sexual activity while they were both drunk, and feared that she would file a complaint against him, as she had done to his friend. Panic-stricken, he felt he had no choice but to beat her to the punch.”

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