Hamas Admits that Most of the Dead in Gaza were Terrorists!

There must be something wrong with the international main stream media when both sides of a fight can agree to the facts on the ground, but the media still chooses to report something different!

Since the new US embassy opened in Jerusalem, at least 64 Palestinians have been killed along the Israeli border.

The media has called these people “peaceful protesters,” and “unarmed civilians.” However, the reality is much different.

The mobs of humanity massing along the Israeli border have been attacking the fence in a coordinated and violent fashion. They attacked the border fence, attempting to tear it down and gain entry (illegally) into Israel. They threw rocks, molotov cocktails, and other IED’s. Some had knives, and others had guns and rifles.

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We’ve already explained this to you, Ambassador Nikki Haley has explained it to the United Nations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has explained it to the world, and now… even the terrorist organization behind the rioting, Hamas, is trying to get the media to realize what is really happening.

Seriously. Even the terrorists of Hamas are saying that the media is wrong, and that they are behind the violence in Gaza.

A Hamas official says in an interview that 50 of the Gazans killed in Monday’s clashes with Israeli troops were members of the terror group.

Salah Bardawil says of the “62 people martyred, 50 were Hamas.” Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry earlier reported 60 Gazans were killed in the clashes.

Listen for yourself as one of Hamas’ senior spokesmen tells Middle Eastern media that 50 of the 64 dead were members of the terrorist fighting force.

Another Hamas leader explained to local media that this was no peaceful protest, it was a violent uprising supported by Hamas soldiers and their weapons.

There is even proof that Hamas was paying young men, women, and children to take part in the rioting, in an effort to make the situation even more difficult for Israel.

Sadly, the American and international media doesn’t seem to care about the truth. No, they only seem interested in pushing their narrative of these events.

What’s the message from the media? Israel bad, Palestinians good… and it doesn’t matter what the facts on the ground actually are.

Heck, it doesn’t even matter when a terrorist organization admits that Israel is right, the media just ignores it and keeps on pumping out their debunked talking points.

In fact, the “peaceful protest” myth is so easy to refute, that conservative pundit Ben Shapiro was able to do it in just five minutes.

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