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Liberal Policies Destroy Lives

The brilliant Thomas Sowell recently wrote a wonderful article detailing how liberal policies harm everyone, especially the middle class and the poor. Mr. Sowell focused on the housing market around Palo Alto, California where tiny old homes sell for over a million dollars. Why?

In this part of California, liberalism reigns supreme and “open space” is virtually a religion. What that lovely phrase means is that there are vast amounts of empty land where the law forbids anybody from building anything.

Anyone who has taken Economics 1 knows that preventing the supply from rising to meet the demand means that prices are going to rise. Housing is no exception.

This is just one of the many negative consequences that has arisen from the failed liberal policies that have wreaked havoc on California’s economy. But it is a clear and obvious depiction of what liberal policies do – a line can be traced from point A (liberal policy enacted) to point B (insane housing market). The liberals in California (and the rest of America) are always complaining about wealth disparity and the like, but still they continue the policies that exacerbate wealth disparity.

I have another example for you, just to reinforce this idea of liberal malevolence.

All across the country, liberal city councils and local governments are making sure that the poor and hungry continue to starve. Charities, Churches and individuals who are burdened to help are being threatened with fines and imprisonment if they try to help the needy. Why is this happening? Why would people who just want to help be told that they cannot help? Liberal policies and regulations.

homeless2Across the country, more than 50 cities are ramping up efforts to push their homeless population out of downtown areas. Many have adopted “anti-camping” or “anti-food sharing” rules in recent years, setting up lengthy legal challenges between city officials and homeless advocates in places like Philadelphia, Orlando and Dallas.

City leaders say they want to improve the lives of their homeless population but others, including Rosen, say the regulations make it harder for folks down on their luck to get help. He says they are adopting “out of sight, out of mind” proposals.

“It’s particularly cruel and really outrageous when a church ministry is trying to do what they feel is their religious duty, only to be stopped,” Rosen said.

The liberals who pass these laws say they are put in place to “protect” the homeless from unregulated kitchens and cooks. I will be the first to admit that they may even protect some people every now and again, but, to be sure, more people will be hurt by the government oversight than be helped. Thousands of people who could have full bellies will go hungry all because liberals think they no better than the hungry person who needs the food.

We see the same story play out when liberals ban raw milk, or when they restrict the ability to homeschool, or when they force you to buy health insurance. It’s an attitude of “we know better than you.” Liberals truly believe that the rules and regulations they enact are for your own good because you’re too stupid to do what’s best for you. All the while they are also consolidating their power – turning you into a slave and themselves into your masters.

The evidence is clear — slavery is what comes from liberal policies. The data is conclusive. It’s time to throw of our chains.

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Onan Coca

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Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

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