Islamists Kidnap Hundreds of Schoolgirls

Last week we told you that the Islamic terrorist organization Boko Haram had slaughtered more than 70 people in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja. They set of a powerful explosive device in a bus station during the rush hour morning commute. The cowardly Islamic criminals chose to target innocent civilians, simply trying to provide a living for their families, in an effort to show their inhumane cruelty. But the nation of Nigeria already knows that Boko Haram (close friends of Al Qaeda) is both cowardly and cruel.

Two weeks ago we reported on an even larger attack committed by the Islamic fundamentalists. A large group of militants assaulted a small village in Nigeria’s northeast and massacred more than 200 young people on their way to school for exams. Well, we missed something in that horrible, horrible story. The evil Islamists not only murdered more than 200 people – they also kidnapped more than 200 girls from the school.

More than 200 girls and young women remain missing a week after Islamic extremists stormed a boarding school in Nigeria, despite a “hot pursuit” by security forces and an independent search by parents who headed into a dangerous forest to find their children. 

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girlskdinapAt Chibok, the scene of the attack, weeping parents cried on Monday, begging the kidnappers to “have mercy on our daughters,” and for the government to rescue them.  “I have not seen my dear daughter, she is a good girl,” cried Musa Muka, whose 17-year-old Martha was taken away. “We plead with the government to help rescue her and her friends; we pray nothing happens to her.”

Although at least 200 remain missing, dozens of the students managed to escape their captors, jumping from the back of an open truck after they were kidnapped in the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday last week or by running away and hiding in the dense forest. The number who escaped depends on whom you speak to — 39, 43, maybe more than 50.

That’s right. These monsters, who claim to practice a “religion of peace” murdered more than 200 innocent young people, then kidnapped more than 200 innocent girls.

Why would they murder the boys but kidnap the girls? Probably for the most depraved reasons we could ever consider.

These Islamic barbarians are not only cowardly murderers, they are also sexual deviants who seek any opportunity to satisfy their lusts. Their claims of religious virtue are shallow, empty words – void of any meaning. The reality is that these violent, evil Islamists are murderers and fiends and only concerned with satisfying their own selfish evil desires.

We hope and pray that the government of Nigeria can find these young girls soon.


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