Conservative Small Town Patriot Destroys Liberal MSNBC Host

MSNBC is the go-to network for liberals all over America. What is news is their willingness to support the militarization of the federal government and its use against ordinary American citizens. Recently in Nevada, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) came up against a citizen they say owes a million dollars in land use fees. Cliven Bundy, owner of the Bundy ranch, says that he owes no such fees because his family has been grazing on the disputed land for generations.

So did the BLM take him to court? Nope. Did they engage an arbiter to try and settle the issue out of court? Uh-uh. They sent in several hundred armed federal agents to confiscate cattle and lay siege to the Bundy ranch.

AFBranco2Concerned patriots from all over America did not respond well to the audacious display of government violence. And hundreds of supporters turned out to the area surrounding the Bundy ranch to show their solidarity with the embattled rancher. The pressure exerted on the BLM by every day Americans as well as politicians like Governor Brian Sandoval (R-NV) and Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) led the BLM to retreat and then reach a settlement with Mr. Bundy.

Though the two sides have reached a settlement, the oddly hyper-involved Senator Harry Reid has said that the issue was “not over,” and that supporters of the Bundy family were actually “domestic terrorists.” Well, that makes us at Eagle Rising, Governor Sandoval, Senator Heller, Senator Rand Paul and others … domestic terrorists… in Senator Reid’s eyes. That is reason to worry. You’d think it would also be reason for civil rights liberals, like the ones at MSNBC, to worry as well.

Apparently not. Apparently the liberals at MSNBC are completely fine with the end of civil liberties and individual rights, because they seem to fully support the BLM’s armed assault on the Bundy ranch.

It’s strange that MSNBC would support such tactics, seeing as one of their own owes almost 2 million dollars to the federal government (Al Sharpton) and one of Obama’s favorite moneymen owes over 1 billion dollars (that’s billion with a B).

Even more odd is that the federal government didn’t use this overwhelming force to get “their” money from Buffett first… considering that seizing 1 Billion Dollars would probably be a  much better use of their efforts.

Anyway, have fun watching this conservative Nevada assemblywoman, Michele Fiore, take down liberal host Chris Hayes as he attempts to spin the standoff with liberal lies.

“Why are you there near the Bundy ranch tonight celebrating?” Hayes asks.

Questioning why the heck the federal government felt the need to come in armed to collect an unpaid bill. I mean, that was pretty bold and blatant,” Fiore said. “I mean, generally when my — when our federal government comes in armed, we’re expecting a bigger problem… We will not allow governance by gunpoint, ever.”

After pointing out that the damages Bundy owes haven’t even been defined, Fiore went in for the kill. “If you owed the federal government money, Chris, do you want them coming to your house pointing guns at your wife and children? Is that OK with you?”


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