Obamacare Could Destroy Us – Here’s Why

Today, our nation is being faced with a plague of government interference with our health care. The name is common: Obamacare. At first thought, health care for everybody sounds like a great idea. The problems begin once you read the law. 

The layers of government regulation that will be implemented because of the law will cripple our health care system. It is meant, by design, to eliminate the free market health care system we currently have in place. The free market will be replaced with a socialist health system, with health care rationing, which will ultimately cause a shortening of the average life span of Americans. Health insurance costs have already risen, and will continue to skyrocket until this monstrosity is repealed. I am 16 years old; I still live off my parents’ health insurance policy. I genuinely fear for my future when I have to buy health insurance on my own dime. If we do not have a British or Canadian style health system (I pray we don’t), I doubt I will be able to afford the thousands of dollars needed for a policy. The policies will be anything but affordable.

obamacareshovelreadyPeople with common sense know that historically, the more free the market the greater the growth. America has slipped from being considered economically free to only mostly free. We rank 12th in overall economic freedom (source: Heritage Foundation). Our GDP is growing at such a pace that we are set to be overtaken by China. My next statement could bring about controversy but I need to say it. In the post-Civil War era, when Cornelius Vanderbilt, John Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and Andrew Carnegie were in business, America saw an astronomical boom in her economy. This boom is what enabled America to become the superpower she is today. Then President Theodore Roosevelt stepped into business in order to make the workplace safer (which was undoubtedly necessary). The new regulation worked until the government overstepped its bounds. The same could be said about the health insurance industry. We had a comparatively lightly regulated system. Now the President wants to get involved with his “Affordable” Care Act. Hardly anybody knew what was in the bill. Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass this bill so we can see what’s in it.” Now we know what’s in it, and I know that my hopes to have a good health insurance policy are now dashed.

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Let us not forgot the little rationing issue that will be added into Medicare for our seniors. In order for a person over the age of 76 that is on Medicare to be admitted to the hospital, you must be admitted by your primary care physician. If you go to the emergency room it will be billed as outpatient care (which is not covered). What if you are 76 and have cancer? According to page 272 of Obamacare, you will not be eligible for cancer treatment. I’m sure you are very glad to hear this. Remember, the government is trying to help you. According to page 425, Social Security recipients are required to attend “end-of-life planning” seminars every five years. This is not right in any way; I am left speechless by our government’s actions.

My fellow Americans, we cannot overlook the true purpose of Obamacare: to eliminate the free market health care system and implement a socialist plan where the government picks the winners and losers. I know I am young; however, as you all know, we cannot afford to take this atrocity that is being forced down our throats any longer. We must never give up the fight to repeal Obamacare.


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