At Least 10 Dead after Possible Terrorist Attack in Toronto

Written by Onan Coca

On Monday, a rental van in Toronto drove up onto the sidewalk and ran over more than a dozen people, killing at least 10 and injuring many others.

After the impact, the van drove off in an attempt to escape the scene and likely to avoid capture.

Thankfully, authorities were quickly able to catch up to the suspect and take him into custody.

Police in Toronto identified the suspected driver of a van that rammed into a crowd of pedestrians earlier Monday, and said they would not rule out terrorism as a possible motive.

The vehicle was driven by Alek Minassian, 25, of Richmond Hill, north of Toronto, police said. Minassian allegedly drove into dozens of people intentionally, killing 10 and injuring 15 others.

“We don’t rule out anything,” Toronto Police Service Chief Mark Saunders said in a Monday evening news conference. “We need to follow what we have.

“Based on witness accounts, its very clear the actions definitely looked deliberate,” Saunders said.

After striking the pedestrians, Minassian sped off, CBC reported. Witnesses said the driver was moving fast and appeared to be acting intentionally. Photos from the site of the collision showed people trying to help victims on the ground and multiple bodies covered by sheets.

Hours after the incident the authorities hadn’t released a motive, but the CBC had come upon one possibility.

Yet one possible explanation has emerged online that suggests Minassian was angry over being rebuffed by women.

An apparent Facebook post by a man with the same name and photo as Minassian’s LinkedIn profile refers to the “Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger,” a 22-year-old responsible for a deadly rampage in  Isla Vista, Calif., that left six people dead and a dozen more injured.

In a video posted ahead of that 2014 attack, Rodger raged about a number of women turning down his advances, rendering him an “incel,” or involuntarily celibate. Rodger referred to the men who always seemed to win with women as “Chads” and the women who turned men down as “Stacys.”

The apparent posting by Minassian says the “incel rebellion has already begun. We will overthrow all the Chads and the Stacys.”

The question now is are van attacks the “new normal”?

It seems that across the world terrorists of all stripes and colors are abandoning the more well-known and worrisome weapons, like guns and rifles, and using a less likely weapon – the van.

Vans are becoming ubiquitous as weapons of violence for the terrorist, and one has to wonder… when will the Left begin calling for “Van Control”? (It’s probably coming right behind knife control.)

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this attack and their loved ones. We long for the day that the violence of terrorism is set aside and people can choose to live together peacefully.


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