French President says He’s Trying to Make France ‘Great Again’

Written by Onan Coca

French President Emmanuel Macron has been in America for a few days now, meeting with President Trump and trying to push Congress to be more active in Syria.

In his recent interview on Fox News SUNDAY with Chris Wallace, Macron said that he would spend his time here in the states asking the American people to actually increase their level of involvement in the war in Syria.

Macron has been pushing so aggressively that the Daily Caller went so far as to say that he “wanted America to go to war in Syria.

“I will advocate for militarism in front of the Congress,” Macron said in an interview with Chris Wallace for “Fox News Sunday,” adding he has a “special relationship” with President Donald Trump…

America is “one of the last resorts” when things go wrong in the world, Macron said and added France will depend on the U.S. whenever the conflict in Syria ends. “We will have to build a new Syria afterwards,” Macron said.

After the joint airstrikes on Syria, Macron convinced Trump the U.S. needed to remain in Syria, he continued. “Ten days ago, President Trump was saying the United States of America had a duty to disengage from Syria,” Macron said in an interview with a French television station April 15, according to Agence France-Presse.

“We convinced him it was necessary to stay. I assure you, we have convinced him that it is necessary to stay for the long-term,” Macron said.

President Emmanuel Macron even tried to connect with Trump supporting America by explaining that he was doing his best to make France “great again.”

Having authority, deciding, being aware of all the consequences of your decision and thinking that you have to stick to your decision to deliver when it’s good for the country is not the same as being authoritarian or arrogant. So I try to preserve my soul — I mean all of us are full of faults and weaknesses, but I think the situation of my country is the best for me of being arrogant, you’re honored to do so.

I’m here to serve my people in my country and make it “Great Again,” as somebody I know very well could say. But that’s a — that’s the whole story. And making great again means delivering good results, having more unity for the country and being fair with — with the people.

So all this criticism you mentioned, I’m just here to say, now somebody decides and endorses. You have employment (ph) to (INAUDIBLE), you have election, you have a democratic system, well, one of the greatest democracies in this world. But here in this current situation, because all– all of the challenges in France, in Europe, in our world, I have to take these responsibilities and I have to decide to endorse and to remain everyday both lucid (ph) and committed. And I am.

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