Rapper Kanye West Defends Conservative Free Thinkers, Liberals Explode in Anger

Kanye West is not the conservative ideal. Let’s just get that out of the way right from the start.

He’s not lived a “conservative” life, and much of what he’s said and done over the years flies in the face of conservative philosophy.

However, West is a conservative when it comes to free speech, free thought, and personal independence. And these values are what got him into trouble on the Internet over the last couple of days.

It all started with this tweet:

Which he followed up with this one:

For those of you who don’t know, Candace Owens, is a conservative black woman who recently had her leftwing blinders removed and has been advocating for conservative causes over the last year or so. Owens has become quite popular on YouTube, and has made waves across the media spectrum for her willingness to speak truth to power about how the Democrats and their policies have wreaked havoc on the black community in America.

This is video that shot her into mainstream conversation:

Almost immediately after tweeting his support for Owens, Kanye received a backlash of Twitter hate.


Putting aside the fact that most of these commenters are wrong – Candace Owens is not some radical alt-right crazy – their commentary proves Kanye’s original point correct. The free thinkers in society are disappearing and the leftwing group-think is running rampant across the internet.

Kanye is to be commended because even after the flood of hatred, he was still defending his support of Owens, and encouraging anyone who will listen to learn to think for themselves.

He may even be starting to understand what it’s like to be a conservative in America today.

And he seems to really understand some of the core problems on the left today.

And here’s the heart of the matter – Kanye really does seem to get it –

Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, posted a video to explain how Kanye’s comments could lead us to a new golden age.

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