The Right Man for the Job

What is taking place, in full view of both the Republican and Democrat voter is the overdue and sorely needed comeuppance of this political infestation of corruption.

Two features headline this undercurrent which through it’s interacting, are beginning to surface.

The word “scant” best sums up any reference, whether it be from the media or from fellow lawmakers regarding a possible Jim Jordan Speakership.

In similar manner, little argument is offered that Rep. Jordan is outspoken and often jarring with his honest reflections of what needs addressing.  This Trumpian approach works but is antithetical to the establishment’s co-opted playbook so the thought of filling such a responsible position with another Constitutional advocate would be, for the opposition, a bridge never to be crossed.

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Conversely, what the front runner Rep. McCarthy offers is an obedient foot soldier who would continue Ryan’s anti-Trump two step.  However, traveling back to the pre-Trump days of 2015, how many remember McCarthy’s anti-Republican shocker about the purpose of the Republican led Benghazi select committee; namely the possible adverse effects against Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers?  He portrayed this righteous inquiry simply in political terms rather than for achieving a truthful conclusion.  In doing so, he not only gave Clinton a claim of victimization but also placed his own wager into the RINO’s pot of corruption.

Considering this background, are we to believe that this weasel is the best to follow Vice President Pence if such a need of our Presidency arises?  If this single act doesn’t reflect the depths of the DC swamp, what else will test the limits of public tolerance and acceptance?

Also too, isn’t this to be expected from such a self server who at one point, seemed content with a probable Clinton Presidency?  Singling out McCarthy lays to rest any doubts as to Ryan’s true fidelity to what has crippled Washington for so long.  With solemn reflection, was there really any leadership difference presented by the Romney/Ryan ticket of 2012?

This blatant endorsement of such an unworthy successor follows all the other drastic measures which have surfaced through the necessity of maintaining this stiff anti-Trumpism.  As such, this supportive step for maintaining the status quo will receive endless media polish so that it appears as a normal transition instead of its actual head scratching urgency.

With Trump’s election, gone are the days of the RINO’s proactive and secretive agenda. Now, they are purely of a reactive nature as Trump holds court.  He is so far out in front of the political herd that all one can do is attempt to hold onto what little leverage that remains.  For this very reason, McCarthy’s 2015 bonafides assured his endorsement.

What slams this perception home is also Trump’s ingenuity for game calling.  His selection of Pompeo as Tillerson’s replacement was recently buffeted by his secretive advance representation of Trump’s meeting with  Kim Jong Un.  Not only was this a routine of diplomacy, with regards to the big show, it had the additional benefit of deflating the anticipated political animosity during Pompeo’s Senate grilling for becoming America’s chief diplomat at State.

Again, far out in front and calling the shots.  Given the surprise initiative of Pompeo’s Korean trip, two responses jump out; one, it drives home a hard lesson for the democrats from another Trump foreign affairs victory and secondly, it may actually weaken the RINO’s obstruction through their begrudging willingness to partake in his diplomatic mastery.

And to think that our President is new to the “political world” of doing things?  Due to this inherent leadership, stemming from both Trump’s keen insight and instincts, there certainly exists a sense of being made a fool of when comparing the former endless parade of ineptness verses America’s quick turnaround.  While this infuriates, it sadly heightens the need to respond with whatever force remains available.

So, in reaction to Trump’s Korean stunner, McCarthy’s chances for becoming the next Speaker increases, especially in light of Trump’s check mating move for bolstering Pompeo’s confirmation bid.  However, this response is a travesty since Jim Jordan is exactly the right man at the right time to lead the House as its Speaker.

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Jim Bowman

Retired, grandfather, 71 years old, Vietnam vet, author of This Roar of Ours, over 25 year of published op/eds.

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