Piers Morgan says James Comey ‘Can’t be Trusted’

British celebrity and sometime pundit Piers Morgan and I don’t usually agree… on anything.

But, we do agree when it comes to James Comey.

The man cannot be trusted.

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During a conversation with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Morgan explained that Trump’s instincts were right, James Comey could not be trusted. He also argued that special counsel Robert Mueller is on a fishing expedition. Mueller has been unable to find anything related to his original charge, to uncover evidence of Russian collusion in the 2016 election, so he’s instead wandered out into the President’s personal life, hoping to find something to charge the President with.

Here’s what Morgan had to say about Comey and Mueller:

I do, and actually I find it extraordinary that James Comey, a former boss at the FBI, is able to write a sort of tell-all book right in the middle of the Mueller investigation. I mean, this wouldn’t — this wouldn’t happen in many other countries. You wouldn’t be allowed to do this. Peddling all sorts of lurid and ridiculous details to the world.

It makes me think this. Donald Trump fired him because he didn’t trust him. He was right, wasn’t he? When you read this stuff pouring out of his books, Donald Trump was absolutely right not to trust James Comey.

And in relation to the wider Mueller probe, I just think what’s happening here is that they tried to get the proof on Russian collusion. They wanted to prove the world that Donald Trump collaborated with the Russians to fix the election. That’s why he won. No other reason. Has to be that.

And so far, they have singularly failed to establish that. So now they are moving the goal posts. Now they are moving to staff about his private life with alleged allegations involving women going back more than 10, 15 years.

Two things about this, Sean, I don’t think people care about Donald Trump’s sex life. I don’t think it’s on the same scale of misdemeanor even if it happens to what we saw happen with Democratic President Bill Clinton, who let’s just remind ourselves had sex relations with a young intern in the Oval Office while he was president.

But certainly, I don’t think the voters care. I don’t think people are out they are going, wow, can you believe Donald Trump may have had a few flings 10 or 15 years ago?

So, to me, they are now going after him purely to embarrass him, purely to try and diminish him, to degrade him as president. And I think that this is because they are unable to get the Russia collusion line to stick.

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