Al Gore Says Global Warming Skeptics are “Immoral, Unethical and Despicable”

Al Gore was in Hawaii this week to preach his gospel of climate change to the impressionable minds at the University of Hawaii. The speech was supposed to be on the topic of “sustainability,” but of course the entire issue is simply a pretense for liberals to spread their message of progressive dogma. Climate Change is simply a cloak that liberals wear to push their desire for a global governance, and utopian socialist “change.”

Make no mistake, dear reader — for liberals, climate change isn’t about saving the world from ecological disaster. It’s about “saving” the world from people who think like us. Climate change alarmism is about destroying conservative dissent, not just on environmental issues, but on every issue.

Here’s a little of what Mr. Gore said including the disgusting personal attack.

Gore’s talk was an updated version of the one he’s been giving for years and that he first laid out in his 1992 book “Earth In the Balance.” The planet is in trouble because humankind burns too much coal and oil, which is trapping greenhouse gases and raising temperatures.

algoreThe consequences grow more obvious by the day: famine, drought, floods, refugees, species extinction, to name just a few. The last few years alone have witnessed unprecedented super storms like Typhon Haiyan in the Philippines and Hurricane Sandy along the Eastern Seaboard.

And Gore brought part of his famous slideshow, powered by a Mac laptop. The pictures and graphs were gorgeous — like the Earth taken from the moon in 1968 — and startling — a Bell Curve showing the number of hotter days over the past 80 years grow alarmingly disproportionate to the number of cooler days and days with average temperatures.

“The way we have to respond to this is going to require a set of changes that are beyond our routine,” he said, his voice growing to a shout. “I know that we are capable of that. Our way of life is at stake, our grandchildren are at stake, the future of civilization is at stake.”

But Gore cited two “game changers” in recent years that will help. The first is the growing realization from even climate-change deniers that something seems to be strange with the weather. The second is the exponential growth in photovoltaic solar panels, driven largely by consumer demand for lower prices.

The “barriers” to doing something about climate change are business and political interests that profit off of fossil fuels — “dirty energy that causes dirty weather.” He compared fake science from polluters stating that humans are not to blame for the climate to tobacco companies that used to hire actors to play doctors who denied cigarettes were dangerous.

“That’s immoral, unethical and despicable,” he said of both.

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