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What We’re Reading April 17, 2014

We hope you’re having a great day wherever you are and that the news we dig up for you this morning helps you navigate the day more efficiently!

It’s a busy world out there, and you don’t have a ton of free time to be doing Internet searches for the most important items of the day… lucky for you, we do. We drink gallons of coffee in an effort to stay awake long enough to scour the far reaches of the world wide web in an effort to bring you the most important, useful and useless information every single day.

You’re welcome.

So without further ado, here’s what we’re reading Thursday April 17, 2014.

Uncovered emails find that Lois Lerner and the IRS were in contact with the Department of Justice over efforts to prosecute conservative groups with tax exempt status.

It seems odd that the federal government is so completely against sending federal forces to the border why is it so easy for them to send those same troops to steal some guy’s cows because he lets them their grass?

The Nevada rancher who just survived a siege by government forces has a son who thinks that Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) should lose his job.

A ferry boat in South Korea has sunk and hundreds of people are still missing.

President Obama is warning Russia… again.

Life in Obama’s America… Beef, Pork and Shrimp prices have soared to record highs.

Vladimir Putin sure does seem to be taking a page from another European leader who was overly aggressive and hated around the world…

If it’s between Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio… Marco Rubio is the easy choice.

It’s come to this… the FBI is eavesdropping on people in gun stores who are talking about “Big government.”

Here’s an interesting take on being pro-life from a pro-life liberal.

Mark Steyn latest piece on the death of free speech is a must read.


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