Could our Government be Lying about Syria?

The recent accusation that Syria’s Assad used chemical weapons against his own people in one of the last strongholds in his country where rebels are still occupying a small area is absurd. The chemical weapons accusation has been used over and over again since 2013 in hopes of getting the United States involved in the civil war for the sole purpose of getting Bashar Al-Assad out of office.

As with every accusation since 2013, no proof exists that Assad is responsible for using chemical weapons can be found anywhere. The proof can never be found simply because it doesn’t exist. If one looks at the big picture of the Syrian Civil War, they would realize that Assad’s best interests would be not to use such weapons.

Assad is closer today of winning the war, having only a few pockets of resistance left before he can claim total victory. Thus, it would be complete insanity on his part to suddenly use chemical weapons on his own citizens, causing his forces to be obliterated by the US and other foreign military strikes.

The whole call for war comes from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain and others in office who began funding Syrian rebels, made up of various terrorist organizations in 2012 for the sole purpose of toppling the Assad government. These various terrorist factions later became ISIS.

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Since 2012, the US has supplied these terrorists with billions in financial aid, billions in weapons, actual military training in Jordan by the US military and various American clandestine organizations, weapons and supplies disguised as mistaken drops, and actual US military help on the battlefield.

The whole effort comes from a hit list of countries revealed to us by Wesley K. Clark, Sr. shortly after the 9-11 attacks in which Clark says he was told by a top Pentagon official of a plot to attack and destroy the governments of 7 countries in a 5 year period. On this Neocon hit list was Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Iran. Clark stated that the US wanted to destabilize the Mid-East for our eventual control over the world’s oil supplies.

The reason the accusations Assad uses chemical weapons against his own people doesn’t make sense, is because it is not true. It boils down to nothing more than the desire of NWO Neocons in the US and various other countries who want to control the world via American expansionism.

All the wars since 9-11 were based on hearsay. For example, the Iraqi invasion was based on Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction, yet after the invasion, none were found and as of today, no proof exists that he ever did. This lie was the main reason Colin Powell resigned his position as Secretary of State in 2004 because he did not like lying to the United Nations about the US having proof Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when in fact no such proof existed.

The NATO invasion of Libya was based on the assumption that the Gaddafi Regime was committing human rights violations against its own people, yet no conclusive proof of this was ever discovered. There is evidence, however that the rebels, who NATO helped win the civil war committed atrocities.

The same goes with every country we have invaded since 9-11-01. The US invasion of Afghanistan, a month after the 9-11 incident was supposedly to catch Osama Bin Laden, yet, today going on almost 20 years later, we are still militarily occupying that country. This clearly shows the world that the US was lying about its intentions for the Afghanistan invasion. It had nothing to do with capturing or killing Osama and crushing Al Qaeda, and all to do with occupying Afghanistan.

It is time the American people stand up to their government and demand no more senseless wars based on assumption and require their government to provide concrete evidence before any more US military invasions occur on any foreign country.

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Tony Elliott

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