A Process Protected From View

Paul Ryan’s statement of recusal opens another political practice which remains intact and unscathed.  Already the process to replace Ryan is under way and is proceeding in its normal fashion of defiance for proper order earned.

While current advertising glitters over ‘term limits’ and/or the need for a balanced budget amendment, the pressing issue of a proper Ryan replacement will proceed without public input or concern and is just one of the many governmental gears which grind unhindered for its own gain.

Almost immediately, Ryan’s announcement was noted in Karl Rove’s weekly Wall Street Journal diatribe entitled, Paul Ryan’s Departure Is a Pity.  While many hold a differing view, Rove correlates Ryan’s position as, “his decision reflects a recognition that one of two outcomes is likely – neither of which is promising for GOP leadership.”

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Now mind you, this is directly, almost instantly on the heels of Ryan’s announcement.  The first Rove thought, and I’m paraphrasing, is that Republicans will supposedly lose the House majority, thus Ryan would hold a minority leadership role, which as the establishment minded Rove assumes, would be “unappealing.”

The second factor becomes more convoluted as Ryan’s majority survives but with fewer numbers.  Then, Rove travels into the adverse affects of “the 25 or so Freedom Caucus members…”  Considering even with the current 23 member majority, the “hard-line demands” from this caucus “makes governing more difficult” so with a reduced majority, that difficulty increases.

In sync with the analysis from this Bush loyalist are the initial candidates for replacing Ryan.  How is it that worthy House Republicans such as, Reps. Amash (Michigan), Jordon (Ohio), Massie (Kentucky) or Gohmert (Texas); are so quickly bypassed?   At this early stage, the selection process only features Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise.  It appears that these leadership positions carry with it a future entitlement.  Talk about holding onto the reigns of power!   It’s assumed that one or the other would succeed Ryan.   But really, what qualifies this recognition?  While we all learned of and are happy that Scalise survived his attempted assassination, what has he accomplished on the Congressional floor?  The same holds true for McCarthy.

This inquiry may seem a bit calloused but for the life of me, I just can’t get over the speed of it all.  It’s almost like it’s been preordained or just another political set up.  Could it be, ‘do ya think,’ that Ryan conferred with others prior to his public recusal?

Putting aside Rove’s anticipation of Trump’s November misfortunes, what is taking place is a restructuring of the establishment’s defense against his Presidency, pure and simple.  Contrary to the Rove editorial blather of, “The GOP loses an effective happy warrior; the country loses a good leader,” this sets the stage for continuing the in party hedging against Trump.

If past actions bear any insight, the last congressional session is a tale worthy of review.  Both McCarthy and Scalise graded out on a Constitutional 100 point scale at 52 and 54 respectively.  This taken from the official congressional records of past legislative votes during that last session. The four noted above score at, 95, 79, 100, 88 respectively.

Not meant as a bottom line or for final judgment but it does attest to one’s loyalty to their oath of office.  The disparity of numbers suggests that the confirmation of Majority and Whip positions are handed out based upon a system of favoritism or political rewards, rather than being earned.  This process, far from the public eye, becomes vulnerable to whatever.

One last query; what was Ryan’s favorability rating both nationally and back home?  Remember the growing angst about his possible re-election and of the rumors for locating a possible challenger?  Despite Rove’s glowing tributes, this seemed more than just idle talk.

The Speaker’s position entails one of party policy and leadership but it also includes the awesome responsibility of being third in line for the Presidency. Favoritism or political bantering should not be considerations for such a post.  Although the process has only just begun, this “next up” basis for selections suggest that favoritism and/or bantering still greases the gears.

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Jim Bowman

Retired, grandfather, 71 years old, Vietnam vet, author of This Roar of Ours, over 25 year of published op/eds.

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