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New York City Expels Churches from School Grounds

A new court ruling has determined that churches can no longer rent public school facilities.

Churches in New York City can be evicted from the schools. Despite the good they do in the community, they could be out in the cold.

Indeed, this is not new. This is the latest decision in an on-going battle that the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has been fighting for years. In fact, I can remember interviewing Rev. Bob Hall, the church’s founding pastor, as far back as the 1990s on this case for a religious freedom TV special, hosted by the late Dr. D. James Kennedy.

NYC churcJordan Lorence, one of the ADF attorneys, fighting on behalf of the churches, said that the city officials trying to oust the churches are treating Christianity as if it were asbestos.

The amazing thing about all this is how contrary it is to our national spiritual heritage. Consider a short review.

First of all, the idea of schools for the masses, which eventually became public schools, is a result of the desire to teach the Bible. After about a dozen years after the Puritans founded Boston, they passed “the Old Deluder Satan Act.”

They stated that it is one of the chief ends of that “old deluder Satan” to keep people from the Word of God. Therefore, people need to read the Bible for themselves. Therefore, they need to read. Therefore, we need to have schools to teach them how to read. This is the origin of schools for the masses in the American experience.

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