What is President Trump Thinking?

This raid on his attorney today should push Trump over the edge. Will it? They aren’t really looking to investigate this Stormy Daniels payoff. They are looking to comb through all of Cohen’s emails to try to find something to pin on Trump.

There are so many of us who want to see Trump do some major swamp draining right now, as he promised in his speeches and got roars from the crowds for. Fire Sessions. Fire Rosenstein. Fire Mueller. Fire Wray. And do it in one glorious press conference. It makes me think of the final scene of the Godfather, where Michael Corleone got rid of all his enemies in one day.

And then replace these guys with the many good options he has for these positions. Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Judge Jeanine Pirro. These are real fighters who are fearless in wanting to see a drain.

I mean, he’s had no problem replacing other people in his cabinet. And yet these are real enemies. By doing this he will be expressing the excitement that people felt when wanting to see him elected. A passion for justice.

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And who cares what the media political fallout will be (which is the excuse given for not doing this mass firing of the swamp). Why is anyone cowering to them? I mean, they had a lot to say and spin before the November 2016 election. Did it matter? No. Trump still got elected, which was a total shock to their spin. The people had spoken, and will speak again if Trump is courageous and if the GOP will show ads of the massive amount of democrat wrongdoing and the fact that not one of them voted for the tax cut and have in lock step obstructed many good things that Trump is trying to do. Concurrent ads should also be of all the great things that Trump has done in such a short time in office – getting rid of ISIS; protecting the innocent civilian victims in Syria; bringing North Korea to negotiate denuclearizing; the tax cuts; freeing up energy; immigration crackdown; eliminating many crippling deregulations; friendly to religion; I could go on and on (actually there are more than 50 great things he’s done).

Therefore all of this makes me wonder what Trump is thinking by not doing this massive swamp drain. He’s got to be thinking something. I hope it’s good, but it’s not readily apparent to many of us.

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Dennis Marcellino

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