Do Liberals Care if the Government Searched Paul Manafort Illegally?

So now it is claimed that federal prosecutors searched Paul Manafort’s storage unit illegally and then obtained a warrant for what they already knew they would find.

The government allegedly searched Paul Manafort’s property without a warrant, another Fourth Amendment violation.

So now it is claimed that federal prosecutors searched Paul Manafort’s storage unit illegally and then obtained a warrant for what they already knew they would find. This raises the question of whether Paul Manafort’s allegation is true. Did a federal investigator indeed search the property without a warrant?

But that’s not the most significant question!

The important question is whether liberals, or Never Trump “conservatives,” even care if that allegation is true. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the answer is no. Liberals couldn’t care less if the evidence against Manafort was gathered illegally as long as it is used to hurt Donald Trump.

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Isn’t that a perfect picture of what Liberalism has become? Or perhaps always was?

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After all, the entire attempted coup against investigation of Donald Trump was born in violations of the Fourth Amendment, as the President told us when he said he’d been “wire tapped” by the Obama Administration. The media mocked him. Now that it’s all come out as true they still side with the Obama Administration. The Fourth Amendment means nothing to these wicked, vengeful hypocrites.

CNN reports, “Paul Manafort accuses federal prosecutors of illegal property search.

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort has accused federal prosecutors of carrying out an illegal search of his property, according to a court filing late Friday night.

Manafort asked the judge overseeing his case in DC to suppress evidence FBI agents collected from his Alexandria, Virginia, storage unit last May, which was only 10 days after Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel to look into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Manafort has pleaded not guilty to charges related to his foreign lobbying work and other financial decisions before he became Trump campaign chair. Even so, prosecutors have made it clear they are still pursuing other angles of the investigation that involve Manafort, and have fought his team at every step of the case.

The aggressive investigation into Manafort included the sweep last year of the storage unit that took mere minutes […]

Manafort’s attorneys say an investigator looked around the unit with the help of a former low-level employee of Manafort’s who wasn’t authorized to give them that permission.

Read the entire story.

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