Rod Rosenstein: Trump’s Worst Enemy?

While most of us have been focused on the Democrats constant (and unfair) attacks on our President, plus the help that they’ve been getting to undermine him from the media… we may have been missing the most important story of all.

Rod Rosenstein.

For months we were told that Rosenstein was above reproach, a man respected by all sides and someone who has worked tirelessly for the good of the American people. However, in recent days, the shine has begun to wear off of the Assistant Attorney General.

Earlier this week we learned that Rosenstein likely violated DOJ rules during the Russia probe, then we began to learn more about the “sketchy” way that Rosenstein has handled this entire Mueller investigation.

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Sean Hannity: Joe, Rod Rosenstein issues this letter to Mueller, allowing him to go after Paul Manafort the way he did, a week after they did the raid. Now, why do I think the order of that legally needs to be reversed?

Joe diGenova: Well, let’s say, this first of all, about Rod Rosenstein — his conduct from the beginning of this has been a disgrace legally and every other way. He is an embarrassment to the administration. It is truly too bad that he cannot be fired. But let’s be very clear about this. The president has never been a target. The fact that he has been recently notified that he is the subject means absolutely nothing.

He is not even a subject. He is a witness. A subject is a person hesitate conduct is within the scope of the grand jury’s investigation.

What the hell does that mean? It means they don’t have anything on him. There have been 19 criminal cases. Not one piece of evidence against the president of the United States.

And now, we are told that Mueller wants to interview the president of the United States who knows nothing, who has been a witness to nothing, who is not a target of the investigation. What we are seeing now is conduct by two public officials, Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein that is unethical, unprofessional, an embarrassment to the United States government and is undermining equal enforcement of the law — because of what they are doing to a president of the United States.

Rod Rosenstein single-handedly has taken away from the sitting president of the United States 16 months of his presidency by his incompetence and fearful conduct.

You know why Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller? Because he didn’t want to make the tough decisions you would have to make if you were supervising a case being run by a United States attorney like Huber. Rod Rosenstein is a coward. He is a disgrace to the Department of Justice. It’s a shame — that the president cannot fire him because of the political consequences.

Could Rod Rosenstein actually be President Trump’s biggest problem in D.C.?

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