Hillary Clinton Imagines Her Loss Accelerated #MeToo Movement

If Hillary Clinton imagines the movement was building, what role does she think the allegations against her husband played?

When asked about an “alternative reality” is which she became president, we learned that Hillary Clinton imagines that her loss galvanized women to demand to be heard. She claims that her defeat “accelerated” the #MeToo movement against Harvey Weinstein and others.

Funny, I think most of us see Clinton playing another role as the chief enabler to her predatory husband. Not only that, according to the Washington Examiner, credible accusations against her 2008 campaign advisor resulted in no action by Clinton. Also, Lena Dunham claims she told the 2016 campaign about Harvey Weinstein; but, again, nothing was done.

If Clinton had won the presidency, Harvey Weinstein would have had a powerful protector in the highest office in the country.

The American Mirror reports, “Bitter Hillary fantasizes about ‘alternative reality’ where she’s president.

Hillary Clinton thinks she deserves credit for “accelerating” the #MeToo movement through her humiliating loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Clinton visited the women-only club “The Wing” in New York City Tuesday to relive the election and offer excuses for her defeat, the latest stop in a years long tour to explain “What Happened” in 2016.

“Someone at @the_wing just asked Hillary Clinton: ‘In an alternative reality, if you were president today in 2018, do you think the #MeToo movement would’ve still happened?’” a Twitter user posted Tuesday, along with a video of Clinton’s response.

“I believe that it was a wave that was building and building and building,” Clinton said. “I think my losing probably accelerated that wave, but the wave was coming.”

“I was just interviewed by Irish television about the Irish peace process that I was involved in and the Good Friday Accords, and they were saying how […] they’re having that moment right now in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland,” she continued. “And there’s a referendum about loosening abortion restrictions in the Republic of Ireland, which is part of the overall wave I’m talking about – people saying women should not only speak and be heard, but laws need to change and this is not just an American phenomenon, this is a global one.

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