CNN Implies that New VA Secretary isn’t Qualified for the Job

In an interesting and ridiculous segment on CNN’s morning show, New Day, with Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota, the assembled liberal media personalities were once again working to defame an honorable American citizen.

This past week, President Trump nominated White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson to become the new head of the Veterans Administration:

The announcement gave CNN cause to invite their own TV doctor, Sanjay Gupta, on the air to run Dr. Jackson down.

And Dr. Gupta seemed to take pleasure in doing just that.

When the hosts noted that Dr. Jackson had made a joke during his introduction, CNN acted as if this was why he’d been nominated for the job.

Cuomo: “Favorable to the president, telegenic! He should be head of a 377,000 person agency!”

Camerota: “Good news, he’s about to be!”

Then Cuomo wondered if this obviously decorated and influential medical professional had any qualifications for the job?

Cuomo: “What do we know about Dr. Ronny Jackson, other than him being a Doctor and an Admiral, that makes him qualified to run an organization of this scale and complexity?”


This is incredibly condescending, and seems like incredibly shallow thinking.

Wouldn’t the most important two qualifications be an intimate knowledge of both the military, AND practicing medicine?

But I digress, now, let’s listen to Dr. Gupta mock Dr. Jackson after being set up to do so by CNN’s unsophisticated morning show hosts.

Dr. Sanjay Gipta: “Not much, he has the ear of the president. When it comes to the VA, Jackson has medical experience, clearly, military experience, clearly. He is very supportive and loyal to the president, but this is a large organization…”

Gupta’s own argument seems to clearly express the truth that Jackson is indeed qualified to run the VA.

Gupta even sounded surprised when he admitted that Jackson was “clearly able to answer questions,” as if he believed that any Trump nominee would have to be an idiot who couldn’t answer basic questions in their professional field.

Being unable to find real fault with Dr. Jackson’s resume or work, Gupta moves on and attacks him for making a joke in his speech to the media, where he suggested that the President was as healthy as a horse.

Gupta: “I think I was struck by the more hyperbolic tone… suggesting could he live to 200 years? Who’s to say. I’ll say he’s not… How is he going to blend this hyperbole with the questions he is going to get about this organization.”

This is a cheap shot. Anyone watching the video of Dr. Jackson addressing the press would realize that he wasn’t being serious, and that he was obviously making a joke.

But this is CNN, they don’t care about the truth, about honesty, or about accurate reporting. They only care about weaving a narrative that hurts their ideological opponents and pleases their leftwing masters. Of course, you already knew this, but you should keep it in mind when you watch CNN.

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