In New York it’s Ignore-and-Die Instead of Stop-and-Frisk

Top New York cop Bill Bratton refuses to back off his criticism of Ray Kelly. Bratton announces that “he inherited a department where morale was in the toilet.”   He doesn’t realize that morale is in the toilet because there are dead bodies in the street and all the rolls of Charmin toilet paper have been flushed into the tidy bowl of criticism of pretend police brutality.

The liberals commit suicide by backing criminals and they take us along with them. Hey, Bratton, you either back the felons or the innocent.  You can’t play it both ways like the politicians.  Don’t you remember that you are a cop?  You should not dress up as a hypocrite like Obama and De Blasio.

As for morale being in the toilet bowl.  How could it not?  Who would want to be a cop when they are always stigmatized for helping us?

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I have a theory that tall people are not too bright because their brains can’t control the distance to their limbs.  My dad taught this to me.  He was five foot five. But I believed him because I believe in family.  Unlike Hillary Clinton, I don’t believe that a village can breast feed a child.  I believe that communism is for monolithic, stupid, dictatorial minds. Family rules. You can’t simplify the world down to regulations and footnotes.

Of course, believing that height relates to stupidity is weird.  But then again it’s weird to be a liberal when its cousins–communism and socialism–have consistently failed.

One of the funniest statements, big Bill, not-too-bright, De Blasio said was that “the stop-and-frisk policy was broken, and it created in many neighborhoods a rift between police and community.  And it also made the job of the average police officer more difficult.  That’s an absolutely factual statement.”

Does Bill think that calling it “an absolutely factual statement” makes it so?  Does he think that the people would get along better with the cops if the cops didn’t bother to police the potential criminals, leaving more dead bodies in the streets?  What would the people say?  Gee, thanks cops, you didn’t annoy me with a brief frisk but my sister is dead over there on the curb?  I think I’ll get along better with you now that you avoid stop-and-frisk and replace it with ignore-and-die.

de blasio and sharptonIn the naïve progressive world of De Blasio and Obama, the media and the liberals regard the police as pariahs.  But the cops are accused of police brutality when they just do their job of defending themselves and their communities.  Who would want to be a cop when the people that they are defending curse them out?  And what cop would want to have to deal with a self-appointed leader like inarticulate, rat  Al Sharpton or gargling-words Reggie Jackson.  If either one criticized me I would quit the police force in a minute.  How could I respect a citizenship that would allow such dull, racist tools to be their spokesman?

Why must every redundant simpleton borrow Obama’s refrain from heath care, “It’s broken.”  As if everything is broken?  As if the police department is broken? As if Obama and De Blasio didn’t further break things?  As if liberalism wasn’t the joyful helpmate of felons. Their constitution.  As if progressivism wasn’t the road to sanctioned criminality.

I can’t help but wonder how De Blasio can say that stop-and-frisk makes the cops’ jobs more difficult.

How does less murders equate to more work for the police? Does De Blasio think that criminals being frisked to stop crime hurts cops’ efficiency rather than reduces crime?

How could De Blasio say that stop-and-frisk makes the cops’ jobs more difficult?  Since when does less crime mean more work?

I’ve been frisked.  It took less than a minute.  Big deal.  I was strip searched when I went to jail.  I didn’t like it but I deserved it.  And I was only guilty of tax evasion.  No hard feelings?  Should guys on the street who have done far worse than me cry about being frisked? Even if they are innocent.  Who cares?  Innocence is not saintliness.  We all have done things wrong in our lives which we could have and should have been punished for.

But then again it’s never the criminals who complain about being frisked.  It’s the liberals.  They have guilty consciences and imagine that they have done every form of crime.  De Blasio is probably a serial killer in his mind.  He just never had the foolhardy courage to commit any crimes.

Oh, that’s right.  De Blasio did commit a crime.  He got elected.



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