American Cities Banning Carpooling

Across the nation liberal communities, cities and states are working to ban carpooling because of its impact on their cronies – er — I mean, businesses.

Banning carpooling?

Yes, seriously. Liberal cities are banning carpooling.

Carpooling has changed from the old 1980’s idea of sharing a ride with a buddy on your way to work. With the advent of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and the development of new social media technology to be used on the home computers as well as smart phones and other mobile devices, carpool has become rideshare.

And ridesharing is what has liberal governments so upset.

taxiSee, before social media, carpooling was a rough and tumble game of trying to get rides to work with your friends or coworkers. For most people, carpooling wasn’t convenient and would thus never likely be a real possibility. With social media, however, it has become very easy and very convenient to connect with people you’ve never met and easily trade rides to and from work.

This new ease of connection is what has the bought and paid for liberal politicians up in arms.

In cities like Philadelphia, Austin, New York City, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Atlanta as well as the entire state of California, politicians, taxi unions and liberal regulators are all fighting ridesharing programs.

regulationsTaxi unions have purchased politicians who are saying things like – “We can’t let the taxi industry fail,” and “We need to keep people safe – ridesharing isn’t regulated so it’s unsafe.” So, liberal governments are banning carpooling.

Let it sink in, folks.

These are the kinds of things that happen when we allow liberal governments to take power (and let’s say here it doesn’t have to be liberals… in New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has banned the sale of Tesla motor cars because they were selling them direct to costumers without a dealership and that had dealership unions very upset). The government decides it needs to act in the best interests of the people – when in reality it is acting in the best interest of the special interest group that has bought and paid for the most influence.

This also puts a laugh to the notion that the American economy operates as a “free market.” We do not have a free market. In a free market, the taxi industry would have to fight for its corner of the market by offering a better product than the rideshare programs. The taxi industry doesn’t want to do that – they want to continue with their method and mode of operation without having to improve their product. It’s simply easier for them to buy a couple of politicians and make carpooling illegal.

It’s not a free market. This is a planned economy that is controlled by special interest groups and corrupt politicians.

Let me leave you with a quote from the Austin, Texas rideshare company Sidecar’s Vice President Margaret Ryan, “This lawsuit is bigger than Austin, Texas. What happens here matters for the entire sharing economy. Sharing resources is not a crime – it’s a solution for a better and more sustainable way of life. Rideshare is good for Austin and we’re going to defend this position in Austin City Court.”

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