Report Shows Only Conservatives Persecuted by IRS

On Monday, IRS agents testified to Congress that NO liberal organizations received the extra scrutiny that many conservative ones did.

Only seven applications in the IRS backlog contained the word ‘progressive,’ all of which were then approved by the IRS, while Tea Party groups received unprecedented review and experienced years-long delays. While some liberal-oriented groups were singled out for scrutiny, evidence shows it was due to non-political reasons,” according to the Oversight staff report, which was obtained by The Daily Caller.

“[T]he Administration and congressional Democrats have seized upon the notion that the IRS’s targeting was not just limited to conservative applicants,” the report states. “These Democratic claims are flat-out wrong and have no basis in any thorough examination of the facts.  Yet, the Administration’s chief defenders continue to make these assertions in a concerted effort to deflect and distract from the truth about the IRS’s targeting of tax-exempt applicants.”

“[T]here is simply no evidence that any liberal or progressive group received enhanced scrutiny because its application reflected the organization’s political views,” the report stated.

IRS-BonusDemocrats and the media have both tried to spin the IRS scandal as though the government organization was persecuting groups from both the right and left. Last summer, CNN went so far as to offer this misleading headline IRS inspector general: Liberals also on target list.” When in reality, the Inspector General (IG) simply said that the word “progressive” also appeared on a list of terms to be scrutinized. The IG also testified that there was no evidence (or complaint) that any liberal organization had ever faced the extra scrutiny that many conservative non-profits did.

The IG testimony is now being reinforced by the very IRS agents who would know what was happening out in the field. The IRS Agents testifying said that no liberal organization received any extra attention, and only seven liberal groups even had the code word “progressive” attached to their applications. The money line from the report says it all…

“[T]here is simply no evidence that any liberal or progressive group received enhanced scrutiny because its application reflected the organization’s political views.”

Liberals are flat out lying when they pretend that there’s “nothing to see here” with the IRS scandal. This is one of the most egregious example of a despotic American government in the last 50 years. The IRS scandal, coupled with the NSA law breaking and the Obama administration’s crackdown on the free speech and press, plus Obamacare’s trampling of our freedom of religion, paint a picture of the most corrupt and tyrannical government in American history.

Rise Up, Americans. We need to take our country (and our liberty) back.


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