Make-up Sex Between Hillary and the Main Stream Media Has Begun

Did you hear about it? Hillary Clinton and the Mainstream Media are getting back together!

If you think the press was in the tank for candidate Barack Obama, brace yourself for will be the most unrestrained, duplicitous and sloppiest session of make-up sex the history of love affairs has ever known…

Yes, Hillary has endured much indignity, but never has she been thrown over like in 2008 when the Media christened Black Jesus for President over the First Female, the Victim-in-Chief, the Queen of Platitudes – even Oprah chose brotha’ over sista’!

vlintonlewinskyBut fear not Clinton Kool-Aid’ers: Race may have trumped gender in 2008, but there’s nothing quite like make-up sex, is there? It’s with someone you know really well. You know their moves, their strengths, their needs, their strong desires and most importantly, they want it bad, baby…

And who wants it worse than “I’ll put up with Bill Clinton” Rodham Clinton? What civilized mother would allow her only daughter to be publicly humiliated during her formative years, unless that drive for power were anything less than psychotic?

Oh, who am I kidding – you probably know Hillary and the Mainstream Media already got back together – it’s not like I’m making some wild or brilliant prediction or anything.

A good example is the deafening silence from the major media on what would be an explosive piece on political corruption linking former acting CIA chief Mike Morell’s incredible luck in private-sector employment to his equally incredible recent Benghazi hearing testimony.

In a nutshell: Barack Obama was running for President saying Al Queda was; “on the run” and he was a tough guy, wanted your vote, etc. Then, a few weeks before the election on September 11, 2012, Islamic terrorists attacked the American facility at Benghazi, killing four Americans.

what differenceDespite evidence before, during and after that it was a premeditated terrorist attack, everyone from the President on down blamed a YouTube video and they put the poor sap who made it in prison. Susan Rice told the nation it was a video, Hillary and the President repeated it – and the press backed them up long enoughto get Obama re-elected (with a special assist from Candy Crowley). Turned out to be a big fat lie.

Since everybody and their brother knew it was terrorists who killed four Americans – why were talking points changed to say it was a protest over a YouTube video? wtf – who did it? The CIA, FBI, State Department, the White House, Keyser Soze, George W. Bush, ‘Flo’ from those Progressive commercials, David Petraeus (naw – too busy), Miley? Who engineered this and why? … juicy.

Now – 18 months or so later – former acting CIA Director Mike Morell testifies to the House Intelligence Committee it was he who changed the Benghazi talking points, removing references to al Qaeda, “Islamic” militants and leaving out that most on the ground believed it was terrorists.

Morell originally told Senators that it was the FBI, not himself at the CIA who changed the talking points, so he either lied at that time or lied under oath later. He then admitted removing evidence the CIA had warned the State Department prior to 9-11-12 of probable terrorist attacks on Benghazi. Yikes!

Is it me, or does that make Hillary look bad? As in, not fit to be Secretary of State, Commander in Chief or even competent to play “Battleship” with my eight-year-old nephew?

Sharyl Attkisson, reporting on the hearings, says Morell went against his own agency on this point in defense of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s State Department. Ms. Attkisson was frozen out of reporting on Benghazi by CBS News – but big deal, right? Hey – whatever – she’s a right winger, bla bla…

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