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Pakistan Sentences Christian Couple to Death

A Christian couple in Pakistan has been sentenced to death for allegedly sending text messages that insulted Muhammad to a local religious leader. The couple has denied their involvement in this and plans to appeal the sentence, but one wonders if they can get a fair trial in Pakistan.

Defense attorney Hassan told the French news agency AFP that Judge Mian Amir Habib handed the death sentence to Shafqat Emmanuel and Shagufta Kausar on Friday, finding them guilty of sending a blasphemous text message to the imam of their local mosque.

The imam, Maulvi Mohammad Hussain, of the local mosque in Gojra – a town with a history of violence against Christians – filed the complaint against them last July, accusing them of sending him the text message which he characterized as insulting to the Prophet Mohammed.

According to AFP, the imam said the husband sent the message from his wife’s cellphone. However, the couple’s lawyer said the message was sent from a phone that his clients had lost before July.

“The defense lawyer said that the couple had suspected rivals of implicating them into blasphemy case to settle personal scores and that they had ties with the complainant,” AFP wrote.

Islamic-Terrorists1Christians in Pakistan are routinely singled out for persecution by the active and violent Islamic militants who operate freely there. Attacks on churches are commonplace, and justice is often never found for victims of Islamic violence.

It was just a few years ago that Pakistan’s only Christian cabinet member was assassinated for his outspoken stand against Islamic blasphemy laws.

The fact of the matter is that Pakistan is one of the most dangerous places in the world for Christians, and each day spurious claims are made against them because under Sharia law it is almost impossible for Christians to defend themselves without making matters worse.

In Islam, those who do not “convert” to Islam can be killed, enslaved or “taxed” and those who blaspheme are killed as part of their sharia “law.” Yes, there are numerous “free will” choices in Islam. News reports are filled with the violence committed by Muslims against those individuals that have been deemed to violate some form of their sharia…

In looking at the rate of Christian deaths in majority Muslim countries and the increased persecution of Christians in those same countries, one would have difficulty subscribing to the “small fraction” of Muslims practicing extremist rhetoric. It must be remembered that Muslims are allowed to “lie” or practice taqiyya in order to deceive those termed “infidels” until their numbers are large enough to overcome resistance. The phrase by a Turkish Imam declaring, “Islam is Islam,” should never be forgotten.

It is also further evidence that the professed “religion of peace and tolerance” is everything, but tolerant and peaceful as exhibited by habitual, continual, exacerbating violence against “non-believers” or those who violate sharia law.

As Islam spreads to the West, we are inviting danger by allowing Islamic communities to use Sharia law to police their own people. We’ve already seen the negative effects in the United Kingdom, Canada and other places – we must stop Sharia’s integration with our Western legal codes. They are not compatible. If we are to protect the freedom of our people to worship as they see fit, then we must also protect the Western legal tenets that defend that inalienable right. Sharia has no respect for any faith other than Islam and is wholly incompatible with a free society. We cannot even give it a foot hold in our society as the British, Canadians and others have done.

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