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Fox News’ Juan Williams Says :America Should be a Gun-Free Zone”

On the heels of the latest Fort Hood shooting, the left is once again advocating for a “gun-free” America. (Avoiding the small fact that Fort Hood is itself a gun free zone.) We conservatives have long argued that an armed society is a polite society. The left has responded by lamenting our “violent nature.” The facts just don’t bear out the Left’s presuppositions on gun violence, though. Since 1950 all but two public mass shootings have happened in “Gun-Free” zones.

Of course, little things like facts never slow down liberal demagoguery. As Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel (D-IL) is fond of saying, one “should never let a good crisis go to waste.” Every time some psychopath (or sociopath or other mentally unstable person) commits a horrible crime using a firearm, Democrats will rise up and argue for stricter gun control – whether or not it will actually stop gun violence. For example, after the Sandy Hook massacre, Democrats began advocating for gun control restrictions that would have done NOTHING to stop pscyho Adam Lanza from committing his heinous crime. In fact, Connecticut’s gun laws worked in Lanza’s case – he tried to purchase firearms and was unable to, leading him to kill his mother and then rob her of her guns.

The point is: a criminal will always find a way to commit his crime.

Tighter gun control will only serve to create a population that is unable to protect itself from the dangers that exist all around us.

Fox News’ Juan Williams toes the liberal party line as he advocates for the destruction of our natural God-given rights. Liberals like Juan Williams seem to think the answer to crime is punishing law abiding citizens; thankfully the American people seem to disagree. Watch Juan Williams argue for a “Gun-Free America.”

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