Syria and the Arab Spring

The “Arab Spring” continues to unfold as Syria falls further into the quagmire of Civil War and now on the basis of a couple of sketchy reports regarding the use of chemical weapons, our president is about to embroil America in yet another Middle East conflict. Worse yet, we are about to (once again) arm radical Muslim insurgents with weapons and equipment that will ultimately be used against us, or our interests, at some point in the future. It’s the same repetitive, demented liberal ideology, equivalent to sticking your finger in a meat slicer over and over – you get the same result every time, no matter how many times you do it.

We’ve watched this take place in Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia with the same results each time. Ultimately the Muslim Brotherhood rises to the forefront, and America has paid for the establishment of another radical Muslim fortress in the Middle East. As I write this, indigenous militias are already staking out territories in Syria, stockpiling weapons, and beginning to impose their own forms of justice – a continuation of a “Arab Spring” that is anything but.

On top of all this, The Obama administration is reportedly already considering a U.N. request to resettle Syrian refugees in the United States (as we have already done with Libya and Tunisia). This international effort will undoubtedly bring hundreds of thousands of Syrians to America. I have to ask the questions no one wants to hear – how many of these will be jihadists in the guise of refugees? Which of our large cities will become the next Detroit? How many Americans will pay for this liberal insanity in the form of future attacks on U.S. soil?

Tunisia is lost to radical Muslims. Libya’s tentative democracy is already crumbling, and it appears the nation’s newly-drafted constitution based on Sharia Law, will be adopted. We simply continue to replace single, politically-driven mass murderers with a group of religious mass murderers. We take out a dictator and install a philosophy of violence and world conquest. How many times do we have to do this before we see the common, terrifying thread?arab springnope

Exchanging one tyrant for a regime of tyrants can, in no way, be seen as a long-term solution to anything. We know for certain that at least one Syrian rebel group has already pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden’s replacement, al-Qaida leader Sheik Ayman al- Zawahri. Deposing any ruler in favor of jihadists committed to “holy war” against America and the rest of the world is idiocy.

We do not need to become embroiled in another drawn-out, Middle East struggle. Worse yet, the victors of the Syrian conflict will either be a long-standing regime that hates us, or a jihadist coalition led by Muslim radicals that has sworn to overrun and destroy us. Obviously there is a humanitarian issue here, and I have great empathy for the thousands of innocent people caught in this gristmill of hate and blind fanaticism, but here’s the hard, ugly truth: We cannot save the world. We can’t even save ourselves anymore. I’m going to sound callous, but neither faction in Syria has any love for America. We should back away and let them hammer each other into the warm, desert sands. Our presence there, in any fashion, simply means we leave somebody hating us.

Arab Spring? Hardly. It’s more like the winter of despair for the rest of the world.



The Truthmaker

Michael Reisig has been writing professionally for 15 years. He is an award-winning newspaper columnist and a best-selling novelist.
His latest novel “The Truthmaker” (released May 2012) is sure to please his readers, providing an intense combination of adventure and humor as our hero’s wing from the Caribbean, to the Keys, to Washington, DC.
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Michael Reisig

Michael Reisig

Michael Reisig has been writing professionally for 15 years. He is an award-winning newspaper columnist and a best-selling novelist. Be sure to check out his latest 2-part best-sellers, "Caribbean Gold - The Treasure of Tortuga and The Treasure of Time" -- "If you have enjoyed Michael Reisig’s best-selling “Road To Key West” novels, you will love his new “Caribbean Gold” series, which begins with “The Treasure of Tortuga."

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