John McCain Calls for Amnesty of Illegal Aliens

Senator John McCain will not rest until everyone who has entered America illegally is given amnesty and he wants the world to know it…


McCain also wants the record to show that “when” amnesty passes he will make sure that it carries the name of his longtime friend and Democrat accomplice Ted Kennedy’s name attached to it.

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McCain’s liberal streak and cognitive dissonance on immigration and defense have long been known. The only time that McCain has ever sounded like a consistent conservative in the last twenty years was during his short-lived run for the White House in 2008. He has become the textbook example of a RINO[1] and the leader of the GOP’s Democrat caucus.

mexican-flag-mccainWhat is more interesting is how the GOP continues to heed McCain’s voice on foreign policy and defense issues – when McCain may very well be one of our biggest defense “problems” with his advocacy of amnesty. Consider the sieve that our borders have been over the last decade or more – and the GOP’s chief war hawk and anti-terror expert wants to grant carte blanche amnesty to millions of illegals whom we’ve had no chance to vet? It’s the definition of lunacy! For years conservatives have said that we understand the plight of the immigrant and we empathize, but we must first consider the safety and liberty of our own population.

That is the function of a nation.

Conservatives are more than willing to open the doors wide for the world’s down trodden, but first we must ensure that our borders are secure and that those we welcome do not wish us harm.

Amnesty pimps like McCain, Schumer and others should lose all credibility on defense issues the moment they advocate for amnesty. It doesn’t matter how old they are, how many wars they’ve fought in, or how many dictators they’ve embraced… if they support amnesty without first securing the border, they have no cache.

Amnesty pimps have sold us out. It’s time we repay in kind.

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