President Obama is “Deviously Brilliant”

The Obama administration has become expert at not dealing with problems until “after the election.” Well, they’ve done it again. The administration announced on Tuesday that they would be delaying one of the most important elements of their healthcare law until 2015 – after the 2014 election. The administration plans to put off the employer penalty aspect of the Obamacare scheme because they’ve become aware that a lot of businesses are having a very difficult time getting into compliance with the cumbersome rules.

However, the aspect of the law that compels the individual mandate will stay in effect. So for those of you paying attention – if your employer decides not to insure you until 2015, because there is no penalty until then, you better buy your own insurance or you could face fines/jail time.

What? Your employer isn’t giving you a huge raise? It doesn’t matter, you will still need to find a way to pay for that healthcare that has suddenly (and unexpectedly) skyrocketed in price.

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It also means that the true budgetary impact of Obamacare will have been grossly under calculated because much of the income the government was counting on will not be added to the coffers for another year.  In fact, the numbers could realistically end up being much worse than Republicans had been worrying about during the battle to keep this from being passed. What the Democrats and the Obama administration have done is a classic procrastinator move – I know because I have been one (just ask my dad).

My father used to say, “Son, don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

My procrastination used to find its root in my laziness and desire to do other things that were more gratifying than whatever chore or assignment I was putting off. The President’s procrastination on the business mandate is much more devious, likely in part because of the confusing nature of the law. By putting implementation off until 2015, the President is attempting to influence the 2014 midterm elections as well. Time Magazine quotes, former Congressional Budget Office director and Republican Douglas Holtz-Eakin saying the move is “deviously brilliant,” because it makes it easier for Congressional Democrats in the 2014 midterms.

The President has a history of attempting to manipulate the outcome of elections; it’s even at the root of a couple of his scandals.


  • Benghazi – the administration skewed the story just long enough to get through the 2012 election. We still don’t know the whole truth, but by December (just a month after the election) we began to realize something was incredibly wrong with the administration’s story. Thanks Sharyl Attkisson.
  • IRS – the IRS targeting of conservative groups was something that both the Treasury Department and the White House were aware of more than 5 months before the election.
  • State Department – the State Department has been practicing cover-ups for the last 5 years. Under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the State Department had been working with other organizations to cover-up various scandals. Somehow, the fact that all of these criminal acts were being investigated did not come out until June.


The folks at Human Events have trouble keeping the snark out of their report that the administration is holding up implementation of the mandate on large businesses. The move delays implementation of at least one component of the unpopular law until after the next mid-term elections. A coincidence, no doubt.

They also ask some very good questions about what an announcement like this means.laughingoabama

“1 -Can the administration unilaterally decide when and how a law is implemented?  If so, can Congress decide when and how to fund it? 2- Why is the employer mandate delayed but not the individual mandate? 3 – Why is it that the populist Obama administration acts on complaints from large companies but fights all the way to the Supreme Court to levy fines on individuals?”

Whatever the ultimate answers to these questions, the obvious explanation for what is happening here is that the Obama administration is working hard to make sure Obamacare doesn’t crush Democrat hopes in 2014. It’s cheap, it lacks integrity, and it’s more evidence that not only is the administration morally bankrupt, but they don’t care about offering inexpensive healthcare options – they care about power.

Power is the driving force behind just about everything we see from Democrats and the Obama administration.

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