Freedom of Speech and Religion Do Not Exist in Maryland

The American Humanist Association has sued the county commissioners in Carroll County, Maryland and a judge has ordered an injunction that the commission not mention any specific deity or religion in their meetings.

County Commissioner Robin Frazier wholeheartedly disagreed with the judge’s ruling.  “That is an infringement on my First Amendment rights of free speech, and I think it is a wrong ruling,” said Frazier, before starting a prayer that included the line, “Let thy blessings guide this day and forever, through Jesus Christ.”

Thus continues the recent litigious history of the anti-God left. While our nation has a long and rich history of religious tolerance, thanks in large part to our dedication to the values of Christianity, the liberals claim the right to not be offended and so must sue to shut us up.

If you’ve been reading Eagle Rising for any length of time, you understand that our liberty is under assault. We bring you story after story each day of the government infringing on our freedom… and even still we see liberal trolls deriding us for fearing government overreach. This case in Maryland is simply another attempt by the secularists and the fascists to destroy the rights of conservatives to speak and to worship as we see fit.

Our congratulations and support go out to Commissioner Frazier, who is not only standing for her liberty, but for the liberty of every American who desires the freedom of speech and religion.

Here is the whole of her prayer (which she borrowed from President George Washington).

“O Lord our God, most mighty and merciful father, I thine unworthy creature and servant, do once more approach thy presence. Though not worthy to appear before thee because of my natural corruptions, and the many sins and transgressions which I have committed against thy divine majesty, yet I beseech thee, for the sake of him in whom thou art well pleased, the Lord Jesus Christ, to admit me to render thee deserved thanks and praises for thy manifold mercies extended toward me, for the quiet rest and repose of the past night, for food, rainment, health, peace, liberty, and the hopes of a better life through the merits of thy dear son’s bitter passion. And O kind father, continue thy mercy and favor to me this day, and ever hereafter. Purpose all my lawful undertakings, let me have all my directions from thy holy spirit and success from thy bountiful land. Let the bright beams of thy light so shine into my heart, and enlighten my mind in understanding thy blessed word, that I may be enabled to perform thy will in all things, and effectually resist all temptations of the world, the flesh and the devil. Preserve and defend our rulers in church and state, bless the people of this land, be a father to the fatherless, a comforter to the comfortless, a deliverer to the captives, and a physician to the sick. Let thy blessings guide this day and forever through Jesus Christ whose blessed form of a prayer I conclude my weak petitions. Our Father.”


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