Girl Kidnapped from Family by the Government

The tragic story of Justina Pelletier who has been kidnapped from her family by the corrupt government of Massachusetts continues to grow ever worse.

This week a juvenile court has decided that Justina will be permanently kept from her family and given over to the state of Massachusetts for the rest of her “childhood.”

The court decision strips the parents of any right to raise their daughter, and, in effect, makes the state of Massachusetts Justina’s parent. The state, who has no real connection to the girl, will now be asked to make the most important life decisions for her. The state doesn’t know her, the state doesn’t love her, the state has no tie to the girl other than the fact that they have essentially stolen her from her parents.

What was her parents’ crime? Trying to find the best available medical attention for their daughter.

Were these parents abusing her? No. The state of Massachusetts believes they were “over-medicating” their daughter, when, in fact, the parents were simply following the directions of the medical experts who had been treating Justina at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. Basically – Boston Children’s Hospital disagrees with Tufts Medical Center and Justina’s parents agree with Tufts. So the state stole their child.

pelletierJustina Pelletier was being treated for mitochondrial disease, a genetic disorder that affects muscle tissue, by doctors at Tufts Medical Center early last year. She was admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital when she came down with the flu. Doctors at BCH disagreed with the Tufts doctors and diagnosed her with somatoform disorder, a mental illness.

Her parents rejected the new diagnosis and attempted to move her back to Tufts, when BCH notified the state it suspected the parents of medical abuse. The Massachussetts Department of Children and Families took emergency custody of Pelletier in February.

She has remained in their custody since then, spending most of her time in a psychiatric ward, and allowed one supervised hour a week to see her parents, reported The Boston Globe. She was moved to a residential facility a few months ago, but continues to be treated as an outpatient.

Despite a plan finalized to move her back to Tufts, a Pelletier family spokesperson said in a statement she is still unable to see Tufts doctors. ”This nightmare has continued far too long as continued delays have threatened Justina’s health,” he said.


Now a grassroots effort has begun to try to win Justina back for her parents.

Grassfire has launched a national petition in partnership with Liberty Counsel in support of Justina, calling for her to be re-united with her family and restored to their care.

Sign the petition and help reunite the Pelletier family!

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