The Rubio Rehabilitation

Senator Marco Rubio is attempting to rehabilitate his image after the grueling battle over the Senates Gang of Eight Immigration Reform bill.

The Rubio Rehabilitation is about to swing into full effect, and it’s starting off with a bang. Senator Rubio is sponsoring a bill in the Senate that will BAN abortion after 20 weeks. The measure bears resemblance to the bill currently working it’s way through the Texas legislature.


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Marco Rubio must be a masochist. Consider what he just went through as the figurehead of the Gang of Eight bill. He escaped that fight battered, bruised and bloodied, having lost about 15 points of popularity with Republicans. With this announcement, Rubio is stepping into the firing lines of a whole new group of enemies and begging them to pull their triggers.

Marco Rubio must be aware of what’s going on around him. He knows that his star has lost its shine with many Republicans. In realizing that he has lost some ground with his constituents, and with fans all around the country, he has moved swiftly and decisively to stop the free-fall of his popularity. He has to show Republicans that while he may differ with the majority of them on how to reform the immigration process, he is no RINO. He also knows that most Americans favor a ban on abortion after 20 weeks.

Marco Rubio must be pretty intelligent. By choosing to take on the abortion debate, Rubio has chosen the one topic that will most energize the base to move back into his corner. We already know that Rubio is a fiscal conservative–that’s how he became the darling of the Tea Party back in 2010. What the base needed to be reminded of was that Marco Rubio is also a stout social conservative. He began rehabbing that social conservative image on the heels of the Supreme Court overturning the Defense of Marriage act. Rubio called the decision a “serious mistake” and said that “marriage is a unique historical institution best defined as the union between one man and one woman.” But his response to the DOMA decision won’t get him forgiven on its own, which is why he has picked up the pro-life banner.

Marco_Rubio_110Marco Rubio must have what my coaches used to call “intestinal fortitude.” By announcing that he would be sponsoring a bill to ban abortion after 20 weeks, Rubio has just thrown a rock at a hornet’s nest. He is immediately and intentionally reentering the fray by enjoining battle on the most contentious issue in America today. Rubio is about to face the full wrath of the Democrat Party and the pro-death left, and when it comes to abortion these people are no-holds barred. They will go for the jugular to keep the holocaust that is abortion legal. What we’ve watched unfold in Texas over the last couple of weeks will look like a pesky little rally compared to the unruly and unwashed masses that will descend upon Washington DC to advocate for the wholesale slaughter of millions.

Marco Rubio must have a lot of trust for us. He knows he has angered many on the right in recent weeks, but he is trusting that we’ll over look that sin for the good he is about to try to do. He is placing his faith in us. When his back is to the wall and the bloodthirsty banshees that are the pro-death advocates are screaming in his face he’s hoping we’ll be there to stand with him. He is trusting that pro-life, God-fearing, red-blooded, conservative Americans will recognize that this issue is the issue of our day, and that when the time comes, we will put immigration reform behind us to stand against abortion.

If Marco Rubio takes up the banner of the pro-life movement and fights to get the 20-week ban passed in the Senate then for me the Rubio Rehabilitation is complete, and I for one will be ready to forgive him of his immigration foible and embrace him as a brother in the fight for life. I’m asking you, dear reader, to do the same.


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