Mitt Romney Takes a Stand Against the Tea Party

Another reminder at how poorly the GOP establishment does when “picking” Presidential contenders occurred this past week when Mitt Romney traveled to Idaho to stand against the Tea Party movement.


The Tea Party is mounting challenges to a couple of Republicans who are widely seen as “moderates.” Idaho happens to be one of the most conservative-tea party states in the Union, sending men like Raul Labrador to Washington. It’s a state that offers Republicans a good opportunity to push the Party further to the right… but the establishment can’t let that happen. Which is why they got Mitt to make the trip out to Idaho this past week.

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Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney this week campaigned in Idaho for Gov. Butch Otter and Rep. Mike Simpson, who have primary battles against tea party challengers, to prevent the GOP from veering “wild right.”

“I’m here today in Idaho . . . to make sure people understand that the people I’m standing with right here are the right team of conservative leaders to help the people of Idaho,” Romney said, according to NPR… 

gop-vs-tea-copyAccording to David Adler, director of the Andrus Center for Public Policy at Boise State University, Romney’s purpose in the state is to help with voter turnout and to keep the Republican Party from veering “into the wild right, which will hurt Idaho and hurt America.”

Adler said that voter turnout is key for establishment Republican candidates because “the assumption [is] that there are more moderate members of the GOP then there are hard right wingers.”

Conservatives are going to have to start realizing that not all Republicans are on “our team.” Some Republicans are actively working against our agenda. We normally call these Republicans RINO’s – but that’s not necessarily fair. Perhaps the truth is that mainstream establishment Republicans, like Mitt Romney, are the “real” Republicans… and we conservatives are the RINO’s? I’m not sure that a 3rd Party could be successful or should be our play – but we have to at least consider it.

The Democrats hold the White House and the Senate, and the Republican Party is spending more time fighting conservatives in their own party than they are fighting the liberals who are destroying our country. It’s time we realize that the Republican establishment hates us as much as they hate the liberals — maybe even more.

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