Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is Really, Really Sorry

Sadly, Zuckerberg just isn’t sorry about the right thing.

Recently, a company called Cambridge Analytica has been in the news because it came to light that they used Facebook’s data mining operations to help President Trump get elected.

The media reacted with the appropriate bias-filled reaction, acting shocked and dismayed that such a breach of trust could take place. They generally ignored the fact that the very same things that Cambridge Analytica was doing in 2016, happened in 2008 and 2012 for Barack Obama. Yes, the Obama team (with the knowledge of Facebook executives) used the very same techniques and information that Trump did to help Obama win… but no one (in the media) cared.

Now, they are forcing Facebook president, Mark Zuckerberg, to get on his hands and knees and beg for mercy.

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Laurie Segall: I want to start with just a basic question, Mark. What happened? What went wrong?

Mark Zuckerberg: So this was a major breach of trust, and I’m really sorry that this happened. You know, we have a basic responsibility to protect people’s data. And if we can’t do that, then we don’t deserve to have the opportunity to serve people.

So, our responsibility now is to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. And there are a few basic things that I think we need to do to ensure that.

One is making sure that developers like Aleksandr Kogan, who got access to a lot of information and then improperly used it, just don’t get access to as much information going forward. So, we are doing a set of things to restrict the amount of access that developers can get going forward.

But the other is we need to make sure there aren’t any other Cambridge Analyticas out there, right, or folks who have improperly accessed data. So, we’re going to go now and investigate every app that has access to a large amount of information from before we locked down our platform. And if we detect any suspicious activity, we’re going to do a full forensic audit.

Here’s the thing…

This is ugly, and it is creepy, and it is a little skin-crawlingly dystopian, but it’s not actually the worst crime that Facebook has committed over the last couple of years.

The worst behavior has more to do with the way that Facebook has purposely silence conservative speech and has undercut freedom on the Internet in their efforts to shape the world in their own image.

No one should be surprised that Facebook is taking all of the ugly, dirty little secrets that you reveal and are then turning around and selling them to the highest bidder… but you should be shocked and dismayed at how Facebook is attempting to dictate how you think, speak, and act.

Fascist Facebook is coming for us all.

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