New Book Reveals Shocking Secrets about the Clinton’s Marriage

For those of us who remember the Bill Clinton presidency, it has been wholly hilarious to watch Democrats play the role of #MeToo ambassadors and social justice junkies.

The Democrats have, of course, chosen this bleeding heart path through politics for the sole purpose of the dividing the nation.

That may seem counterintuitive for the oh so tolerant liberals, but we have to remember that the weaponization of division is their most used tactic when it comes to snagging young voters.

By declaring that you are a special, unique snowflake and that only the democrats understand you, the left continues to pull an inordinate amount of the millennial vote by appealing to this internet-raised generation.

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Remember, these are the kids who have always had social media.  They’ve always been the wards of their own pseudo-celebrity.

The first chink in the armor of the #MeToo movement comes from the overwhelming leftist monopoly on sex abuse.  Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, and others all hail from the far, far left, and their abuse of power, particularly in the workplace, is more than despicable.

The second weakness of the democrats, at least when it comes to being a “champion” of women, comes to us from the aforementioned presidency on Bill Clinton, husband to 2016 democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Bill, or “Bubba”, was a notorious womanizer whose sexcapades were in no way confined to his private life, having been impeached after an ugly affair came to light with White House staffer Monica Lewinsky.  (This was, of course in addition to a number of other accusers who’ve sprung up in the wake of the Lewinsky scandal, and a handful of victims who existed long before).

But…what if the Lewinsky affair was actually approved by Hillary Clinton?  One Clinton insider says that may be the case.

One of former President Bill Clinton’s top strategists has suggested in a new book that the Clintons had “at least a one-way open marriage” during Clinton’s presidency.

Mark Penn, who was also chief strategist in Hillary Clinton’s failed bid for the Democratic nomination in 2008, made the claim in “Microtrends Squared,” which hit shelves on Tuesday.

He added: “There was also no question that at the same time their relationship was deep and enduring. If this was the model of the first couple, what did it mean for the rest of the country?”

Penn’s discussion of the relationship between the 42nd president and his first lady is tucked into a chapter on open marriages, which he considers to be “more of a fad than a trend.”

This wrinkle in the wholesome demeanor that Hillary Clinton hoped to exude during the 2016 election had already been shattered just months ago after a video appeared online with the former First Lady spouting a vulgar epithet in order to appeal, once again, to young female voters.

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