Anti-Gun Activist David Hogg Suddenly Remembers the Bill of Rights

David Hogg is devolving day by day into an even spoiled, entitled, and arrogant brat as the media nourishes his ego by treating him as an expert of some kind.

“Student activist” David Hogg goes from attacking the right to bear arms to demanding a “right” to privacy.

David Hogg is devolving day by day into an even more spoiled, entitled, and arrogant brat as the media nourishes his ego by treating him as an expert of some kind. An interview of him was recently removed as “abusive” by YouTube, but only after Drudge linked to it and embarrassed the website.

Real Clear Politics reports, “David Hogg: ‘Our Parents Don’t Know How To Use A F*cking Democracy, So We Have To,’

The Outline interviewed David Hogg, a 17-year old survivor of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, who says he is the NRA’s “worst nightmare.” Hogg’s interview was laced with profanity against his detractors, Gov. Rick Scott, the NRA, old people and others.

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Hogg said he became an activist because adults don’t know how to “use a f*cking democracy”:

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“When your old-ass parent is like, ‘I don’t know how to send an iMessage,’ and you’re just like, ‘Give me the fucking phone and let me handle it.’ Sadly, that’s what we have to do with our government; our parents don’t know how to use a fucking democracy, so we have to.”

So David Hogg’s demand for action has been heard by the powers that be at Stoneman Douglas High Shool.

Suddenly, Hogg is outraged over a “right” that might vaguely be derived from the Fouth Amendment, if at all. For some weird reason, Hogg invokes the First Amendment.

Grabien reports, “Parkland’s Hogg: Rules Requiring Clear Backpacks Violate Our First Amendment Rights.

Hogg appeared Friday at a gun control forum with Axios’s Mike Allen, […]

“One of the other important things to realize is many students want their privacy,” Hogg said. “There are many, for example, females in our school that when they go through their menstrual cycle, they don’t want people to see their tampons and stuff.”

Hogg said going to school under such rules feels like a “prison.”

“It’s unnecessary, it’s embarrassing for a lot of the students and it makes them feel isolated and separated from the rest of American school culture where they’re having essentially their First Amendment rights infringed upon because they can’t freely wear whatever backpack they want regardless of what it is,” Hogg continued.

Libertarian mockery of Hogg has been a pleasure to see!

Read the entire Real Clear Politics post or the Grabien story.

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