President Trump says He’ll Never Again Sign A Massive Omnibus Bill

The Republican-led Congress has done it again.

They’ve failed us in one of the most basic, and unnecessary ways they possibly could.

In a completely unprecedented, thought not unsurprising move, they have just passed a massive $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Budget bill through Congress. It wasn’t surprising because they signaled that this would happen just a few months ago when they made a deal with the Democrats in an effort to end the last government shutdown, but the move is still shocking.

Why? Because this budget deal is bigger than anything we’ve ever seen rammed through Congress in the past… even during Barack Obama’s presidency.

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In fact, a deal like this would have NEVER happened in the Obama era because Republicans would have fought against it with every ounce of energy that they possessed. Sadly, they don’t have that kind of fight in them when they’re in charge of the outcome.

Though he signaled that he might veto the bill early on Friday…

by the afternoon President Trump had decided to sign the bill into law.

With one caveat…

He was never going to sign another bill like the incredibly bloated, incredibly corrupt Omnibus spending bill, into law again.

“I will never sign another bill like this again,” President Trump promised on Friday afternoon.

While I personally am thankful for President Trump’s assurances, I have to say that, once again, the entire mass of the GOP have left me quite disappointed.

Why do we, as voters, waste our time electing “conservatives” to office when they act like liberals as soon as they arrive in Washington, D.C.?

I’m not asking them to never compromise, but how is passing the most massive budget bill in the history of our nation, compromise? Compromise would have been giving the Democrats SOME of the budget requests that they wanted, and then cutting the budget in an effort to shrink the size and scope of our bloated government.

Instead, the bill actually gave the Democrats more than they ever gave themselves during the Obama era!

This isn’t “compromise,” it’s surrender.

I’m glad that the President has promised to never again sign such bad legislation into law, but it’s really too late, isn’t it? He’s already signed the biggest budget bill ever and has now cemented himself alongside our “do nothing” GOP Congress in the record books.

When Republicans are in office they should be about the business of CUTTING spending, not growing the budget.

The GOP needs a wakeup call, and if they’re not careful the 2018 midterms may deliver one.

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