School Walkout Orchestrated, Financed, Implemented by Leftover Nazi Factions

So, the anti gun NWO Nazis in Washington still in power want us to believe all these school children staged a walkout to protest gun violence on their own, when in fact the whole national protest was obviously orchestrated, paid for, and implemented by them in the first place.

Appearing at many of the rallies were the usual anti-American so called elected officials like Luis Guiterrez, Al Green, and Bernie Sanders, who by the way were accompanied by their armed guards. All attempting to make us believe they decided to appear at certain rallies in support of the movement, when in reality, they were responsible for getting these students to protest.

The fact is, there is never a national movement by school children that was not orchestrated by an outside influence. David Hogg had nothing to do with the walkout, other than his appearance on various videos and interviews which moved very few young people who find it hard to get out of bed for school every day.

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The biggest mistake Hogg and his Deep State supporters made from the beginning was the scripted interview he gave just minutes after the shooting incident itself. No one could have made a script for themselves in that short amount of time. A dead giveaway that Hogg knew the shooting incident was going to take place before it happened.

We witnessed the core anti-Americanism associated with the demonstrations in an example at Antioch High School in Nashville where students ripped down the American flag, stomped on it, and tore it apart. We also see the punishment given to students who chose not to take sides and participate, in the suspension given to student Jake Shoemaker of Hilliard Davidson High School in Hilliard, Ohio for not choosing to protest and side with the anti-American demonstration.

We must face the fact that we have a Deep State, Shadow Government, whatever you want to call it that will do anything it can to regain the power it lost when their chosen successor Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump. Every day, we see these NWO Nazis in power spend their whole day, not working for their constituents like their whole position is supposedly about, but working to bring down the Trump Administration in every way possible.

Al Green does nothing in representing the citizens who supposedly voted for him. Instead, he spends all his time working to oust president Trump, drafting articles of impeachment. He is out attending anti-American rallies and demonstrations, and protesting the last State Of The Union address. Green is anything, but a representative of the American people.

Luis Guiterrez can’t even tolerate being around anything that remotely resembles American Patriotism as seen in his walkout during president Trump’s SOTU address when the crowd began to chant USA, USA. Guiterrez is like an anti-American vampire who must run from people supporting US Patriotism, as if he might catch fire like vampires do when they are exposed to the Holy Cross.

Other NWO Nazis like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, Frederica Wilson, John Lewis, Jeff Flake, John McCain, and many more are more interested in resurrecting their Nazi agenda than actually working for the best interests of their constituents.

In order to actually make America great, we must weed out all in power in Washington who want our country to be a 3rd. World Banana Republic, governed by the UN. These people will do everything they possible can to destroy the country as a sovereign independent nation.

We must get rid of the anti-American factions in Washington that are indeed a separate government of their own that works against the US as an independent nation.

It is long overdue to completely clean house of everyone who hates the country and its people. We should not have people in power who hate the very fabric of the nation they are supposed to represent and hate the American citizens who believe in their country as an independent sovereign constitutional nation.

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Tony Elliott

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