Anti-Abortion Poetry – L.B. Strawn’s I Am Not a Prophet

This week Eagle Rising is displaying the pro-life, anti-abortion poetry of one of our readers – Mr. L.B. Strawn.



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I am not a prophet, nor am I a prophet’s son,

But–the demise of the U.S.A. surely has already begun.

The U.S.A., as I’ve known it, has faded into the past,

And the coming of the demise, through evil, has been cast.



When murder has become so meaningless that we’re killing our unborn,

And aiding many of our elderly to die, our future becomes forlorn.

When homosexuals and lesbians roam the streets at will,

When “so called” Christian churches allow their pernicious swill;

When lying and cheating are rampant among the rulers of our land,

And divorce is the rule of the day, and crime has the upper hand;

When sinful pleasure is increasing and morality has decayed,

Before the almighty hand of GOD, the cost cannot be defrayed.



pro-life anti-abortion4Ancient Rome is a prime example and pre-Christ Israel, as well.

They both faded out of existence, for GOD had sounded their death knell.

Do you think the U.S. of A. is any better than either of them,

When we turn to sin and dis-obey those good moral laws from HIM?



SO—even though I’m no prophet, nor am I a prophet’s son,

History should teach us a lesson–that sin, we should always shun.

For, if we fail to live morally and commit such heinous sins,

If we fail to turn our lives back to GOD and, our evil, we fail to cleanse,

We haven’t learned history’s lesson–and history will never defeat itself,

Then man, in his sinful folly, will always help it to repeat itself.



By L. B. Strawn

March 30, 1996


The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

About the author

L.B. Strawn

Born August 30, 1925, near Holcomb, in the boot heel of Missouri, raised near Springfield until 15, moved to Flat Rock, Michigan, graduating high school there. Volunteered US Army Air Corp (now US Air Force). Served 3 ½ years. Left active service as 2nd Lt, served several years in reserves, resigned as Captain. He married Mary Ellen Roton in Montgomery, Alabama, February 22, 1947, after returning from nine months in Germany in the army of occupation where he helped rebuild Rhine-Main airfield near Frankfurt. By September, 1947 they had settled in southern California where he worked 4 ½ years building military aircraft for North American Aviation (now Rockwell International), advancing to leadman, then accepted position with California Highway Patrol, retiring after 25 years on December 30, 1976. His family consists of four children and seventeen grandchildren, of whom he has written in his poems.
He and his wife were baptized into Christ in May, 1947. He services as a deacon and bible class teacher in the Rose Ave. Church of Christ, Bellflower, Cal.
His poetic endeavors includes God, Christ, the church, nature, love, marriage, family, special occasions and even politics. A few are comical but ALL attempt to convey thoughtfulness, with good morals. He has written over 2,000 poems and short stories, of which many are based on actual occurrences while most are fiction. He has been published five times, one hard back book, "OF ME", by Carlton Press of N.Y., (contains 96 poems and received a very commendable review by the Long Beach Press-Telegram, in which his poetry was compared to that of Joyce Kilmer, who wrote TREES), four chapbooks of 23 or 24 poems, were published by "The Plowman" of Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Now he publishes his own chapbooks and has a total of 11 of his own. They have from 23 to 31 poems. More chapbooks are expected momentarily. As a result of being a finalist in the 1997 ISP contest and convention in Washington, D. C., this book is being added to his long list of achievements.
He was a member of World of Poetry, from whom he received one silver poet and four golden poet awards, one outstanding achievement, one fourth place and fourteen certificates of merit. He is now a lifetime member of The International Society Of Poets with gold, ruby and emerald awards, three $50.00 semi-finalist awards and one finalist award. He won first prize in a contest by "The Plowman". He has been published in several news papers and news letters in California, Missouri, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and in two national news letter, also in numerous anthologies. His poems have appeared in many church of Christ bulletins throughout the United States, and 900 have been included in a CD Rom.
In his endeavors in publishing, he has printed 15 chapbooks for two sisters, who write poetry, and for friends, as well as poets throughout the USA, some for a local chapter of the California Federation of Chaparral Poets, of which , he is a member. Also for 1 poet in Australia and 1 in England. He is always trying to advance the cause of poetry, and has taught 10 classes in the ABC and Downey school districts. Though he has some college, he has no degree, however many, hearing his poetry and his delivery, have thought him to be a teacher by profession.

His books are available for purchase through him.

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