CT Governor Dannel Malloy to Gun Owners: “Your Side Lost,” Get Over It

As Connecticut is in the midst of a very serious situation regarding guns and gun registration, Governor Dannel Malloy attended a town meeting this week to address constituents at John Barry Elementary School in Meriden, Connecticut. During that event, a pro-gun citizen, who has opposed the legislation signed into law by Malloy, which requires gun owners to register their semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines or be considered felons, asked how Malloy could push legislation that is against law abiding gun owners while abolishing the death penalty and offered early release for violent criminals. Malloy’s answer was not to point to the State Constitution, but to point to the people’s desire to “feel safe.” In that respect, he told the questioner that the legislation regarding gun registration had gone through each branch of government and “your side lost.” In essence, Malloy said, “Get over it.”

“You’ve thrown that term around,” Malloy said with a smirk, speaking of the term “constitutional.” “It’s gone to the court, and guess what? You lost.”

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The governor attempted to equate driver’s licenses, background checks to get on an airplane, and background checks to obtain a gun with the right to keep and bear arms, which is explicit in the Connecticut State Constitution (Article 1, Section 15) and the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

gun confiscationHowever, there are no caveats here. The Connecticut constitution is clear that people have that right and that nothing has to be done, as far as government is concerned, to exercise that right. Would that not include mandatory gun registration?

He then spoke about the people acting in a republican form of government decided the matter. While the people most definitely determined their elected officials, those officials are not to go against what is clear in their own constitution, and they are not to create ex post facto laws, such as the gun registration legislation which is at the heart of the debate. The fact that Malloy claims, “the legislature decided you could keep it” ought to be just as disturbing in this matter. Since when does the government in the United States determine whether or not you can keep your property? Do you get the implications? Malloy thinks the state grants you your rights, not God.

While the claim is true that those who purchased a weapon that was identified in the new legislation could keep their guns, the additional measure of registering it becomes a point of controversy. As I pointed out in a prior article, Branford Police Officer Joseph Peterson made it clear why registration was necessary: “So they know who’s got them (sic) that’s what the purpose is (sic).”

The only reason to want to know who owns those particular guns, is for later confiscation, nothing more.

Malloy then puts the blame for the law on the citizens, stating that they thought it best to make them safe. The question should be asked of Malloy, how does gun registration make anyone safe, seeing that no criminal will register their guns? Just how does that work? The truth is, it doesn’t.


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