California Democrats Turning Left Into Dead End

Joe Scudder
Written by Joe Scudder

Historically, California Democrats have influenced the direction of the national Democratic Party.

The editorial board of the New York Post has pointed out that California Democrats may be dragging the entire Party hard to the left. If the Democrats become increasingly alienated from the nation as a result, this may be good news. But if they win a national election then this could mean they drag the entire United States into the abyss with them.

This report from before the California state convention gives you an idea of how it could influence the whole party:

The New York Post editorial board writes, “California Dems’ hard-left turn could be the whole party’s future.

How far left is the Democratic Party headed? Look to California, where last month’s state party convention went off the deep end.

The first sign of lunacy was the delegates’ refusal to endorse impeccably liberal Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

They go on with a couple other points.

  • They turned on Antonio Villaraigosa because he wasn’t loyal enough to the Teachers’ Unions as Los Angeles’ mayor.
  • The convention took a hard anti-Israel position.

Historically, the Golden State has been a harbinger of national trends. If that holds true, the whole Democratic Party is headed […] off the cliff.

Read the entire editorial.

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