MSNBC Ignorance about Firearms Reaches Peak Idiocy

Joe Scudder
Written by Joe Scudder

Two different TV hosts demonstrate massive MSNBC ignorance in the wake of the Parkland school shooting.

The level of MSNBC ignorance is impossible to calculate when they claim that handguns are no good against a shooter armed with an AR-15 because the bullets from the rifle travel three times as fast as those fired from a hadgun.

So according to MSNBC ignorance, I guess handgun bullets can be dodged like in the Matrix:

The Daily Caller reports, “MSNBC: Handguns Are Too Slow To Stop A School Shooter.

Lawrence O’Donnell said […] “a bullet fired from an AR-15 travels 3x faster than one from a handgun…and yet the president and the NRA think giving teachers guns will stop a school shooter.”

Stephanie Ruhle similarly asked, “How does the best marksman in the world with a handgun take down a shooter with an AR-15 (bullets travel 3x faster).”

Why does anyone listen to such morons when they tell us we need gun control? Thankfully, not many do!

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