Social Liberals are Destroying America

My conservative liberal friends brag that they are fiscally conservative but socially liberal. Like being socially liberal is a sign of enlightenment, of liberal wisdom. 

They do not realize that being socially liberal is not a mark of intelligence but a failure to see that liberal social philosophy is more negative to society than liberal fiscal policy.  It is a wrecking ball against the foundation of traditional norms and customary habits and society as it is and should be.  Our cities are built on traditional values not aberrations and clumsy perversions.

Rick Santorum was hated by the liberals for being a social conservative. They called him stupid. But he was smart.  He saw into the future and recognized a gay society would fail structurally and the adopted children would run the risk of embarrassment and pedophilia.

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Bigoted liberals cannot see that social conservatism is the route to self-preservation.  It is not prejudice against gays, against abortion or against same sex marriage. It is a dislike for the lack of values that can bring our country down. It is the courage to stand up for what is and what has been rather than new-fangled immoral fads.  It is structural intelligence to keep the traditions that have made us a nation and a family-structured world.

happy_familyIt is exceptionalism rather than idiosyncratic rebellion. 

Conservatives try to appeal to their liberal friends by saying that they are socially liberal. For some reason social liberalism has become a good regardless of its results. It makes social liberals feel open-minded and good. It gives them the illusion that the highway to hell is paved with squishy, left-wing rhetoric.

But they are abusing society’s structure. Being socially liberal has more long term negative effects than being fiscally liberal. Social liberalism is a failure to have values and the failure to respect the arbitrary but intelligent structure of society.

Cardinal Dolan wisely said that heterosexual marriage is “not something that’s just a religious, sacramental concern…. But it’s also the building block of society…”   He says that “if we water down that sacred meaning of marriage in any way…I worry that not only the church would suffer.  I worry that culture and society would.”

Cardinal Dolan is right.  Heterosexual marriage is beautiful and practical.  Marc Anthony didn’t set sail to see Julius Caesar.  He set sail for Cleopatra. This is not a fiscal matter.  It is a matter of love and heterosexual marriage.  It is a matter of admitting that normal is normal when the left wants to promote that whatever is is normal. In fact, the left doesn’t even believe in abnormal.  For them, everything goes. They cannot distinguish between good and bad.  Everything is gray.  Everything is indistinguishable.  They do not have the intelligence to discern what is proper and the meaning of improper.

Gay marriage is primarily ugly.  It rips apart the fabric of society.  But it does more than that.  It goes against the aesthetics of heterosexual sex and the historical love between men and women, turning hand-me-down love into homosexual freakishness.

Why brag about being a social liberal?  We should be proud of our conservatism and recognize that social liberalism undercuts the solidity of society. Values without value lead to a bankrupt country.  America is seventeen trillion dollars in debt.  Their morals are more bankrupt than that.

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David Lawrence

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