Howdy Doody Lookalike Uses Worn Out Cliche: ‘This isn’t Who We are’

It is insulting to most US citizens when politicians get behind the podium and exclaim to be representing us, when in fact, they are only representing the few idealism’s of a small portion of the American people as a whole and are really dictating their own political agendas. Case and point, is the Joe Kennedy III , a representative from the 4th District of Massachusetts rebuttal to president Trump’s SOTU. Here, he is referring to the president’s tough immigration policies, he makes the old worn out cliché statement that “this isn’t who we are” as if he is speaking for every American.

In the not too distant past, we have heard the same this isn’t who we are statement made by both Barack H Obama and House Speaker Paul Ryan on several occasions, mainly regarding torture of international terrorists and their desire to bring over a million Syrian Muslim refugees to the US.

What we really have here is politicians, dictating their political agenda and trying to make everyone believe most are on board with it. In the case of illegal immigration and the Muslim refugees, most US citizens, except the west coast, New York, and New Jersey, it is very much who they are to want to keep them out of their country.

It is very much who we are to want the US to be an independent nation and not some NWO neo-Nazi third world Banana Republic without borders who is governed by the UN.

In the case of the Howdy Doody, or Chucky lookalike who gave the Democrat rebuttal to president Trump’s SOTU address, what they were hoping for was that the name Kennedy would resonate with the American people and give them a sense that their agenda would be what JFK would also have wanted. With Joe Kennedy III, what they got was the same old worn out opposition to anything president Trump said, as well as their push to keep their NWO agenda alive. We also heard from someone who is so obscure, hardly anyone outside of Massachusetts knew who he was. Instead of bringing back memories of JFK, Joe Kennedy brought comical thoughts of Howdy Doody and Chucky.

Thus, after a SOTU speech from a president, the majority of Americans want him in office, and him saying what we want to hear, for the most part, then we got our comical relief from the Democrats immediately after it.

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Tony Elliott

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