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Constitution Law

Gun Grabbers Go Gaga

In the fascist northern state of New York, gun grabbers are going a little crazy after a judge threw out charges against a man who was ticketed for having too many bullets in his gun.

I know, I know… unless you live in Colorado or California you might be saying, “Too many bullets in a gun? Is that even a thing?”

Yes, in some fascist states it is a thing.

Paul Wojdan was riding as a passenger in his wife’s vehicle when she was pulled over on suspicion of speeding. When the officers asked if there were any weapons in the car, Mr. Wojdan admitted to having a gun in a holster in the glove compartment. Mr. Wojdan is a legal gun owner, and the gun he had with him at the time was completely legal. However, when officers unloaded the gun to make sure the serial number would prove the gun legal, the officer “noticed’ that the gun seemed to have more rounds than legal. So the officer counted the bullets out one by one…

guncontrolMr. Wojdan appeared in court this week to answer the charges that he’d broken a law.

“It’s our right to, you know, bear arms. It shouldn’t even be a ten round limit. My magazine should of held seventeen but they have taken away our rights and they’re trying to take away more day by day and I’m tired of it,” said Wojdan.

The judges sided with Mr. Wojdan and his lawyer saying, “Unless there is probable cause to believe the law is being violated, there is no justification for checking a magazine to determine whether or not it contains more than 7 rounds.”

Interestingly, a federal judge had already thrown out this aspect of the NY SAFE Act.

Folks, we have to guard our rights vigorously if we hope to maintain them.

The liberal fascists are constantly on the prowl searching for ways to chip away at our God-given rights in their effort to mold the future to their will. A future in which diversity of thought and lifestyle would be verboten and conservatives would be criminals. This episode in New York only reinforces the crazed focus the gun grabbers have on stealing our rights.

Rise Up folks, and fight for your rights.

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